10 Rare Wrestling Shoes

If you’re a keen wrestler or wrestling aficionado, you’re definitely looking for a pair of rare wrestling shoes for your collection! Wrestling shoes are a new trend for urban males, with most males preferring rare wrestling shoes compared to the mass produced ones on online stores. Here are the ten rare wrestling shoes that you simply must have.  

  1. Asics Special Edition Cael. If you’re looking for rare wrestling shoes, the Asics Special Edition Cael is just what you need. Manufactured in honor of Cael Sanderson, this high-top features a laser image of Cael on the side. How rare are they? There are only 505 pairs out in the world, that’s just how rare it is!
  2. Asics Special Edition Gable Ultimate Wrestling Shoes. Imprinted with a Gable laser, the Asics Special Edition Gable Ultimate Wrestling Shoe is special in a lot of ways! Not only is it rare with only 505 pairs, but it also has its own serial number: yours!  
  3. Nike Takedown IV Supreme Wrestling Shoes. This one was never released to the public, which puts it at the top of the list for rare wrestling shoes! The   Nike Wrestling Takedown Supreme IV was only released as a sample, so if you have it, you can definitely get a lot for it. That is, of course, if you ever want to sell your pair!  
  4. Adidas Combat Speed Wrestling Shoes. As one of the rarest wrestling shoes, it’s almost impossible to find a pair in good or wearable condition today. The first Adidas Combat edition was made in West Germany. If you happen to come across this rare wrestling shoe anywhere, grab hold and don’t let go!  
  5. Adidas Sydney 2000 EQT. The Adidas Sydney 2000 EQT is not only one the best wrestling shoes ever created, it’s also one of the rarest! Manufactured for   the Sydney Olympics in 2000, it’s now an endangered species.
  6. Nike Cary Kolat Speed Wrestling Shoes. Everyone in the wrestling industry wants a pair of these super shoes! Most sizes are hard to find, so if an eBay   deal comes your way, you might want to think about it! Amazingly resilient and well-structured, these shoes are worth a lot, especially the college edition   ones.
  7. Adidas Vaporspeed Wrestling Shoes. While most Adidas wrestling shoes are pretty cool, this ones are hyper-cool. Made of synthetic leather, these rare   wrestling shoes are a treat, both to the eyes and to the feet!
  8. Nike Greco Wrestling Shoes. The Nike Greco Wrestling shoes are quite rare, which is why you probably won’t be able to find a pair in good condition. These black and white lace-up hightops are a collectible item for all wrestling aficionados.  
  9. Vintage Adidas Elite International Wrestling Shoes. These shoes are rare, especially in large sizes such as 10, 10.5 and 11. If you’re looking for this   silver-tongued pair, you might just find one at a discreet, out-of-sight store!
  10. Adidas Kendall Cross Wrestling Shoes. Soft, structurally sound with flexible rubber soles, the Adidas Kendall Cross Wrestling Shoes are the ultimate prize for a wrestler! You can get your own pair, but finding one in your size, no matter what your size, might just take a lot of time!
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