10 Rave Outfit Ideas For Men

It really doesn’t matter what you wear to a rave, but this list will provide ten rave outfit ideas for men. Women take their clothes much more seriously so their list would probably have twenty of thirty suggestions. However, the most important thing when going to a rave is to dress comfortably and look cool. Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Pimp with the big hat. This one is a staple at some of the larger mega raves and themed parties. In fact, the Pimp & Ho Ball is a common theme at many raves. If you go with the big hat, you might as well go with the platform shoes. You won’t be too comfortable, but you’ll probably be laid out halfway through the party, anyway.
  2. Shirtless Gigolo. Another variation on the pimp theme. Best to shave the chest for this one. You’ll be sweating a lot and nobody wants to brush up against a furry carpet on your chest. Also, you’re bound to attract attention from both sexes with this.
  3. Prince Charming. Leather or vinyl pants and shiny sequined shirt. Or the cuff length sleeves with ruffles. Boots are a requirement with this regal get up. For some reason, these guys always have platinum blonde, orange-skinned chicks with them.
  4. Emo Dude. This is probably the most laid back rave outfit you will find: jeans, short sleeves T-shirt, a cool belt buckle and worn out sneakers. This says you’re serious about your music and could care less about glowsticks and glam.
  5. Guido. This one is similar to the Shirtless Gigolo and has been made popular once again since the Seventies by the Jersey Shore crew. It’s a favorite of east coast ethnic types and immigrants. But then, most of the best rave music comes from around the world so this might be the way to go. Again, more gay magnetism.
  6. Anime character. Spiked, starched collar and wrist cuffs. This rave outfit is a favorite of the Asian party-goers. It complements the manga outfits of their girlfriends and plays right into the whole Dragonball Z, Powerpuff Girls characterization. This is another fun look that makes for a diverse party atmosphere.
  7. Backpack Boy. This one goes without saying. He might be playing to a theme, or he could just be walking around with a light backpack on. No glowsticks required, the pack is an attention-getter in of itself. And, everyone knows what he’s got inside. You’re sure to be popular with this one.
  8. Bandana/Surgical Mask Man. This is almost as obvious as the backpack to those who frequent raves. Not only does the bandana create a cool skatepunk/emo look, but it is also functional. You're guaranteed to be partying all night long.
  9. Rockstar. Dress the same as you would for an upscale club. Add the mirrored sunglasses and a very expensive looking watch and maybe a bracelet or ring. A super-hot model-looking chick on your arm completes the look.
  10. Baggy Pants/Fuzzy boots. This is for the dancers and the lifeblood of the party. You’ll be one the dance floor making friends all night. Remember to keep a smile on your face as this look is all about upbeat energy and a good vibe.
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