10 Real Estate Investment Clubs In California

Looking for 10 real estate investment clubs in California? If you're in California, it may be hard to determine what the best real estate investment clubs are. You have seen the late night infomercials featuring middle-aged men with gorgeous women at their side while they discuss how they made millions in real estate. In California alone, there are more than one hundred investment clubs to choose from. Here are some of the best real estate investment clubs in California:

  1. Silicon Valley Investment Club. One great thing about the SVI Club is that there are no membership fees. Meetings are on the second Wednesday and Thursday of each month. SVI Club also participates in various community service activities. Silicon Valley Investment Club: 605 Macara Ave., San Jose, California 95121.
  2. Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles. The REI Club of Los Angeles considers itself to be Los Angeles' "original investors club." Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. You only have to pay $29 to attend if you aren't a member. Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles: 6161 Centinela Ave., Culver City, California 90266.
  3. San Jose Real Estate Investors Association. The San Jose REI Association holds meetings in the South Bay and East Bay areas of California, allowing meeting flexibility. Another perk is that they annually produce the SJREI Journal, which discusses relevant information in the real estate world. This journal can be viewed for free online. San Jose Real Estate Investors Association: 3250 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, California 95051.
  4. InvestClub for Women. As stated in its name, the InvestClub for Women focuses on educating and informing women about how to successfully invest in real estate. There is a monthly event where everyone can attend. Speakers are usually present. There are also meetings every Wednesday for members only. InvestClub for Women: 9 Truman, Irvine, California 92620.
  5. Bay Area Wealth Builders Association. The Bay Area Wealth Builders Association has the distinction of being a member of the National Real Estate Investors Association. They focus on providing information to investors and vendors. Bay Area Wealth Builders Association: 180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, California 94941.
  6. Orange County Investors Club. The Orange County Investors Club connects with current and prospective members through meetings as well as social networking. They hold special events and seminars with tickets as low as $25. Orange County Investors Club: 2415 Park Ave., Tustin, California 92782.
  7. Capital City Wealth Builders Sacramento. This real estate investor's network provides many of the same perks as the other clubs mentioned. The CCWBS stands out because they offer members the chance to download books donated to the organization by members and other affiliated individuals. They also hold monthly meetings and seminars. Capital City Wealth Builders Sacramento: 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, California 95815.
  8. Directed Real Estate Professionals. This club is quite different from the others. It doesn't normally charge for seminars, and members are strongly discouraged to market products during these meetings. They are more focused on sharing information and networking. Directed Real Estate Professionals: 32431 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel, California 91203.
  9. North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association. The NSDREI also holds monthly meetings. Unlike many other clubs, they have several membership options. They even offer a great discount for individuals who live more that 100 miles away from San Diego. North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association: 3202 Vista Way, Oceanside, California 92056.
  10. Sacramento Real Estate Investment Association. This organization usually holds meetings the second Thursday of each month. Along with sharing ideas, members can also enjoy a free dinner during this meeting. Non-members may attend events for only $25. Sacramento Real Estate Investment Association: 2840 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, California 95821.



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