10 Reasons To Be Vegetarian

Green living, organic farming, and a healthier lifestyle are just a few of the top 10 reasons to be vegetarian. Today’s vegetarians are no longer just the stereotypical animal rights activists and PETA advocates.

  1. Fight cancer and diabetes. A vegetarian or vegan diet is high in fiber, lower in sodium, as well a chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. These are the primary dietary recommendations doctors make to help prevent cancer and manage diabetes. No radiation-induced hair loss and no needles should sound good.
  2. With a vegetarian diet, there are no more worries over animal growth hormones. The debate rages on about the effects of animal growth hormones on humans. Some scientists hold these growth hormones responsible for a wide range of issues from early onset of puberty to developmental problems and cancer.
  3. Being a vegetarian opens the opportunity to grow everything you eat, thus promoting a greener lifestyle. You can have a grocery store right in your own back yard. Is there a better way to live green than by growing your own food? Possibly, but when it comes to reasons for being a vegetarian, the convenience of growing your own groceries ranks pretty high.
  4. A vegetarian diet is more economical than a standard diet. By growing your own beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables, your savings at the grocery store can be tremendous. However, even those vegetarians who choose not to grow their own vegetables can still realize substantial savings by eliminating meat products from the shopping list. Hey, saving money is always cool.
  5. Lower your fat and cholesterol intake. Meat and other animal products are higher in saturated fat than plants. Plants have no cholesterol.
  6. Be more conscious of your diet. Vegetarians must be more aware of their dietary intake to ensure overall health. Proteins and amino acids are vital. Nuts, seeds, and soybean derivatives make excellent substitutes for meat products. By ensuring your diet provides adequate proteins, minerals, and amino acids, you are less likely to suffer diet-related issues such as obesity. Not being fat is a good reason to go vegetarian.
  7. Vegetarians help conserve natural resources. According to The Vegetarian Society, an acre of land can only produce 250 pounds of beef, while the same acre can produce thousands of pounds of produce. When compared pound for pound, growing produce requires less water, less fossil fuels, and results in less topsoil erosion than meat production.
  8. Vegetarian diets are good for the heart. It is estimated that vegetarians are 30% less likely to suffer heart disease. Vegetarians also have lower blood pressure, another contributing factor to heart disease.
  9. You’ll save countless animals from the butcher. Think of all the little calves, baby chicks, and piglets that will grow to a ripe old age. When searching for a reason to be a vegetarian, you just can’t ignore those beady little eyes imploring you; please don’t eat us.
  10. If the beady eyes aren’t a compelling enough reason for you to be a vegetarian, how about looking good in the mirror? A plant-based diet, with high fiber and antioxidants, leads to healthier skin, hair, and nails. If altruistic reasons like green living, conservation, and animal rights just don’t do it for you, perhaps a little vanity will.

Whatever your reasons for being a vegetarian, the benefits to your health, the environment, and the animals you save make a huge impact on the world we live in.

The Vegetarian Society

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