10 Reasons To Date An Actress

Looking for 10 reasons to date an actress? It is often said that you shouldn’t date an actress because they are so good at, well, acting. If you’re willing to take the risk, however, it can be a wonderful experience.

  1. Date someone who’s very passionate about her career. In order to be a successful actress, it is important to love acting. One of the best reasons to date an actress is because if she can be this passionate about her career, she may also be very passionate about you one day!
  2. Think about dating someone who enjoys putting on a show. What this means is that if you have always dreamed about making a sex tape, you may be able to finally create one with someone who will enjoy starring in your film.
  3. Enjoy role-playing in the bedroom. This can be one of the best reasons to date an actress. Many girls may feel shy or embarrassed about pretending to be someone else during sex, but an actress will be sure to love it.
  4. Be able to enjoy the arts with someone. Most actresses are fans of film, music and other areas of the arts. If you enjoy the arts, it is likely that you will be able to enjoy many fun dates with an actress.
  5. Don’t worry about her making it painfully obvious that she hates your family. Are you sick of all those girls who make it clear that they can’t stand your mother’s pot roast or get annoyed by your brother’s immature jokes? This can be one of the many great reasons to date an actress.
  6. Date someone who could potentially get famous. If the girl you're dating is a really good actress, she could be the next Alexis Bledel or Blake Lively. Even if your relationship doesn’t last, you’ll be able to say that you dated a famous actress.
  7. Enjoy the perks of really good, faked orgasms. All girls will fake an orgasm at some point during their relationship. One of the best reasons to date an actress is because, unlike some of the other girls you may have been with, her orgasms are bound to sound authentic.
  8. Be able to feel proud of your girlfriend. When the crowd rises because of her acting abilities, you will be able to know that you are the only person in the room who means the world to her.
  9. Consider dating someone who can help you discover your own passions. Probably one of the best reasons to date an actress is because she can help you discover other hobbies or interests you may have. By seeing someone else be passionate about something, you may be encouraged to find something you love to do.
  10. Don’t hold her career or hobby against her. You wouldn’t avoid dating someone just because she is a nurse or volleyball player, would you? Your relationship may or may not work, but you’ll never know until you try.
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