10 Reasons To Date A Country Girl

There are way more than ten reasons to date a country girl. On top of that, what man really needs a reason? However, if you happen to be looking for some reasons to date a country girl, you are in the right place.

  1. Country girls know how to have fun. Country girls know and appreciate the importance of a good time. While this doesn't always mean "wild and crazy", country girls do now how to get down and dirty when the time presents itself.
  2. Country girls are down to Earth. Not to say that girls that aren't from the country can't also be down to earth, but it's a known fact that country girls are taught to be rooted in being true to themselves and not superficial.
  3. Country girls are cute. Who doesn't love a cute country girl with a cute country accent?
  4. Country girls can cook. It is often said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well who better than a country girl to serve up a good home cooked meal?
  5. Country girls can clean. It just goes along with cooking. A country girl has to know how to clean up afterwards.
  6. Country girls are creative. Growing up in the country often gives way for the need to have a creative. Growing up in a place where town is often miles from home, going to the movies or the mall on a Friday or Saturday night isn't always an option for a country girl. Fun can be invented almost anywhere, doing almost anything.
  7. Country girls have manners. When many guys hear a country girl they think southern girl, and everyone knows about that good southern hospitality!
  8. Country girls have strong family values. Family is very important to a country girl. Dating a country girl that is grounded in her family and community means she understands and appreciates tradition and culture.
  9. Country girls know how to hang with the guys. You may be the type of guy that needs his girl to get along with his friends. Country girls know how to adapt and just hangout with the boys when necessary. Most grow up with brothers, cousins, and other male family members that they have to learn to keep up with. What guy doesn't want a girl that he can ride four-wheelers and play paint ball with?
  10. Country girls know how to treat a man. The last, and perhaps most important, reason-country girls just know how to treat a man. A country girl that knows how to keep her man happy often results in a happy man.
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