10 Reasons To Date A Doctor

Consider these 10 reasons to date a doctor when choosing a person to date. People may think you are shallow when they find out you qualify your partners by their occupation. But your friends will be jealous when they see the benefits you reap.

  1. Benefit from Going Dutch. On the first few dates, you need to pay for meals. If you have a profession with a much lower salary, the doctor will begin to feel guilty about letting you pay and demand to pay their own way, or talk you into letting them pay the entire bill. 
  2. Benefit from Intelligent Conversation. If you are tired of dinner conversations that revolve around soap operas and movie star gossip, date a doctor. However, you might need a strong stomach if the doctor talks about medical procedures. What may seem gross to most people is a routine discussion topic for a doctor.   
  3. Benefit from a Non-Clingy Relationship. How many times have you been smothered by someone you were dating? A doctor is too busy to demand you to call them several times a day. If you date a doctor, they will appreciate that you do not bother them at work.  
  4. Benefit from Social Connections. If you are suddenly out of work, your best solution to find new employment is by networking. A doctor has a long list of clients and contacts. Throw a party with the doctor and invite people that might have leads for future employment.
  5. Benefit from Saving on Closet Space. When a relationship gets more serious, there is the possibility that the other person will want to keep extra work clothes at your place. For a doctor, this could mean an extra pair of scrubs. They don't need a lot of space for bulky suits or 10 pairs of shoes to match the 10 outfits they need so they don't risk wearing the same thing twice.
  6. Benefit from Having Your Bed All to Yourself. If you date a doctor, you may get to sleep without being kicked or cramped for space. Just be sure to date a doctor that receives a lot of emergency calls in the middle of the night.
  7. Benefit from Dating a Secure Person. An insecure person is a miserable person. That misery can soon become your problem. You will have to answer all those uncomfortable trick questions like "does my butt look big in this outfit?"  Not so when you date a doctor responsible for making life and death judgments.  
  8. Benefit from Free Medical Advice. Of course, you don't want to begin your romantic relationship with a doctor by revealing that you have health issues. But as time goes on, and the good doctor finds you irresistible, you can ask for solutions to what ails you. If you have reached the intimate stage of  your relationship, office visits to the doctor won't be so uncomfortable when this doctor grabs your testicles and asks you to cough.
  9. Benefit from Somebody Who Knows the Human Body. A doctor has studied anatomy and physiology. They know all about nerve endings and sensations. You will be amazed to discover new ways to achieve pleasure.
  10. Benefit from a Doctor's Favorite Sport. It is common knowledge that the genes that persuade a person to become a doctor is associated with genes that encourage a person to play golf. You will be able to spend hours at the golf course with a person who enjoys the sport, and knows when to stay quiet.

As you can see, choosing to date a doctor comes with many benefits. Occupation does make a difference when choosing a partner. Select the right person to fill the position you have open in your life.

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