10 Reasons To Date A Female Hockey Player

Hockey is known as a sport of aggression, so if you're a man and you like that sort of thing, then it can be very easy to find ten reasons to date a female hockey player. Don't make the mistake of thinking that ice queens can't be rugged in their own right. Dating one can be so rewarding that you may have trouble stopping at just ten reasons.

  1. She understands teamwork. A female hockey player must take to the ice to do battle in a fast-paced, high-stakes game, where success is determined by how well her team works together. This attribute is essential to a relationship. If you both have an understanding of what it takes to make it as a couple, and you work together to achieve that dream, then this can be one of the best reasons to date a female hockey player.
  2. She keeps you active. Guys get complacent. A female hockey player does not. Work out with her, and you will find that she keeps her metabolism and heart rate up, so that she can be in the very best shape.
  3. She still has all her teeth. A female hockey player is not a savage. She admires the aggression the game brings with it, but she still wants to be a lady and will take great pride in her appearance. Of all the reasons to date a female hockey player, this fact seems to be the most surprising, yet also one of the most rewarding.
  4. Aggression equals sexy. Even though a female hockey player will have a more difficult time throwing caution to the wind and engaging in the brutality that men often do, she is still attracted to the aggressive parts of the game. Hockey takes hustle, and if she has it on the ice, she'll likely carry that over to the bedroom, which can be one of the steamiest reasons to date a female hockey player.  
  5. She'll watch the game with you. Guys love sports, so it stands to reason that a woman, who actively enjoys competition, will never give you grief if you want to watch the big game. She'll probably pull up some popcorn and watch it with you, making for one of the most alluring reasons to date a female hockey player.
  6. She is complex. A woman who engages in competition offers the best of both worlds. She shows her desire for success. She shows she's not afraid of a challenge. Likewise, she still embraces her appeal and vitality as a woman and is thus a more well-rounded individual.  
  7. She is skilled with a stick. Hockey requires coordination and athletic ability. A player has to be able to skate, keep awareness of where the puck and her teammates are, and use the stick. When it comes to the bedroom, this coordination, stamina, and athletic ability, will score big time, making for one of the most gratifying reasons to date a female hockey player.
  8. She'll make you the center of attention. No mystery that a female hockey player does not want to be viewed as a toothless brute. As a result, she will go all in with her relationship. It's in her nature to shower you with affection and understanding, especially when she feels that close, personal connection essential for a relationship to work.
  9. Your friends will be jealous. Who doesn't want to rub it in to his buddies that he's dating a tough, sexy, competitive lady? Perhaps this is one of the more selfish reasons to date a female hockey player, but it's still a lot of fun to have bragging rights.
  10. You could get special treatment. If you're the kind of guy who can live with the attention that dating a female hockey player can bring, then you could enjoy special treatment like hanging out with the other girls, learning the inner workings of the sport, and acquiring access to the best seats in the house!
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