10 Reasons To Date A Female Soccer Player

Do you really need ten reasons to date a female soccer player? I guess the fact that some of these women are the hottest on the planet isn't enough for you. Do Mia Hamm or Hope Solo ring a bell? Maybe Marta from the Brazilian National team has the flavor to get you going. Well, you asked for it, here are ten reasons to date a female soccer player.

  1. Check out those calves. Soccer players have some of the most developed legs ever. All that running around and kicking and jumping after a ball make a player's calf muscles huge! There's nothing sexier than a female soccer player's calf muscles. Simply beautiful.
  2. Look at those thighs. Female soccer players have those sexy well developed thighs, the kind that Morris Day wants to see in some fishnet black panty hose. Her legs, by themselves, are two reasons to date a female soccer player. Imagine those things wrapped around your waist, amongst other places. I think we need to call a time out.
  3. Oh my. The last piece of the trinity, that athletic booty. Athletic women have the sexiest backsides, period. And no athlete has a better pair of cheeks than a female soccer player. That derriere is a killer, and it's all muscle. Wow! If it looks good in soccer shorts, imagine some form fitting jeans or a body hugging dress.
  4. She'll be very independent. Female soccer player's along with other athletes have to be very self regulating to achieve their athletic goals. No one can make you develop discipline. It takes an unparalleled independence to be this way. Every guy likes it when a woman needs them sometimes, but no one wants some whiny chick hanging off them 24 hours a day.  Well guess what, independent women don't need to hang off of you all of the time. Besides' she'll be to busy training to be worrying about you all day. 
  5. She won't be lazy. You won't have to worry about your soccer player girlfriend spending all of her time on the couch. Have you seen their bodies? You don't get in tip top shape like that sitting on your butt watching reality television.
  6. She'll get you off of the couch. Dating a female soccer player can get you active as well. You'll almost be forced to get into shape. Or, did you think a physical specimen of a woman would want some sofa spud on her arm?
  7. She's got stamina. Soccer gives you one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can get. She's playing all the the time. Just think of the marathon possibilities in the bedroom.
  8. She won't be scared to get a little dirty. Getting sweaty is her job. She spends all day pounding the turf and kicking up dirt. Having a female soccer player as a love interest means she won't care about messing up her hair. She won't care about getting rough. She'll invite the sweat. She won't mind getting down as long as she reaches her goal. Take that anyway you want to take it.
  9. Being a damsel in distress is not her style. Watch a female soccer on game day. These women get down just as hard, if not harder, as the guys. Do you think a female soccer player's going to need you to kill a spider for her?
  10. She's the stuff dreams are made of. The best reason to date a female soccer player is the fact that she has the perfect combination of characteristics men look for in a girl. She's into sports. She's in great shape. She's outgoing and she isn't too needy. Most importantly, she's still hot as hell. She'll be just as comfortable going to a nice dinner as she would be watching sports, or better yet, playing a sport. The perfect girl!



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