10 Reasons To Date A Female Wrestler

Need  ten reasons to date a female wrestler? Female wrestlers make up a group of some of the hottest women in the world. If that's not a good enough reason to date a female wrestler, what is? Well, check out this list of reasons to date a female wrestler. If they don't convince you to date a female wrestler, then maybe you should stick to the models and girly girls. Here are ten reasons to date a female wrestler.

  1. Her shape. Female wrestlers are in great shape! They kick butt for a living. They have to stay in top physical to unleash punishment on their opponents. You won't have to worry about her eating bon bons on your couch all day.
  2. Your shape. If you're not so firm in the midsection, then dating a female wrestler is a great idea. Not only will you have a beautiful woman on your arm, you'll have a personal trainer as well.
  3. She's a butt kicker. You can try to lie about it if you want. But, you know just as well as the next guy, that a woman that can fight is just plain sexy. The best scenes in movies and TV shows are the cat fights. Now you have your very own lioness. You'd just better make sure she isn't mad at you.
  4. Free wrestling. Think about it. Dating a female wrestler is like dating a celebrity of sorts. You'll be able to get into all of her matches for free. You may be able to score some tickets for your buddies. Go ahead and take one for the team. Ask "Bruisin' Bertha" out on a date.
  5. Think about your safety. If she likes you, you'd better date her. You'd hate it if she got mad at you. Or, do you want her to practice her finishing moves on you? Pile drivers probably won't help your self esteem much.
  6. She's hot. It was mentioned previously. If the girl is smoking hot, why wouldn't you date a female wrestler? Sure, she could probably kick your butt up and down the street, but she's hot! It's worth the risk.
  7. Bodyguard. Dig this. You know that bully at your local bar that told you never to come in there again? Well, you won't have to worry about that jerk anymore. You're lady friend could put him in a pretzel faster than you can run out of the door. Dating a female wrestler has some great benefits.
  8. Her flexibility. Yeah, she works out and stretches constantly. Imagine how limber she has to be in the bedroom. She could probably show you a thing or two. Just think of the all the new sex positions you could explore. Stretch first, you could be in for the best sex of your life.
  9. Her stamina. It has to be pile driven into your head. The sex with athletic females is awesome. She won't be the the one tapping out after three rounds. Maybe you should start a workout routine before you hit the mattresses.
  10. Off the top rope. They say when people work out, their sex drive increases. She works out all of the time. Yeah, just let that marinate between your two ears for a moment.
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