10 Reasons To Date A Flute Player

Want 10 reasons to date a flute player? Flute players are skilled and handy in ways that most men wouldn't think of. However, at second thought, those skills might prove to be enjoyable assets when it comes to a potential dating experience. Discovering reasons to date a flute player is more interesting than you might think.

  1. She can multitask. Being able to do more than one thing at a time is a helpful tool, but a challenge for most. Not for a flute player. Flute players move fingers, lips, and can read music all at the same time!
  2. She knows how to use her mouth. Take it however you like. Most men have no problem dating a woman that knows how to work her mouth muscles.
  3. She is talented. Who doesn't find something attractive about any kind of musician. There is something sexy about a woman with the ability to play an instrument, especially one with her mouth.
  4. She is good with her hands. Another reason subject to personal interpretation. You already know what she can do with her mouth. Imagine what she can do with those hands.
  5. She can really blow. What more can be said? It's a handy tool at the right time.
  6. She has an ear for music. Music brings people together. A reason to date a flute player is the fact that if you love music it's a sure bet that she does too.
  7. She knows how to concentrate. Perhaps you need your flute player to focus and get something done for you. No problem. Playing the flute requires a lot of attention and ability.
  8. She knows how to listen. Communication in any relationship is key. Men often say that women talk way more than listen, which often proves problematic. Well if dating a flute player, at least you know listening potential is there.
  9. She has patience. Learning how to play the flute, or any instrument, takes time, practice, and patience. Dating a woman with patience is often a gift that is taken for granted, but for a man, definitely necessary.
  10. She knows how to push all the right buttons. Who doesn't want to date a woman who knows what to do and when to do it? Guys, a flute player can offer many things you want and more!
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