10 Reasons To Date A Gamer

When it comes to dating, there are plenty of reasons to date a gamer girl. Gamer girls are laid back, fun and best of all, won't think it's weird that you have your entire spare bedroom devoted to comic books. She will also think that your collection of Star Wars bobble heads are, indeed, cool. Here are the top 10 reasons that you should date a gamer.

  1. When you date a gamer girl, she won't be pissed when you buy "her" a big screen HGTV for Valentines Day. You get a free pass. No, really.
  2. Gamers like to "role play."

  3. She will accept time spent gaming together as quality time. She knows that your character is spending precious time with her character and that is enough.

  4. If made angry, a gamer girl will not waste time destroying your belongings, she will simply kill your favorite gaming character and be done with it. Beware, gamer girls are smart and efficient. Don't think that just because she bakes cookies for your D & D nights that she won't slash your character's throat if you disrespect her- because she will. Oh, she will.

  5. A gamer girl, unlike your mom, will get all of your Dune references.

  6. She hosts LAN parties, not dinner parties. You should date a gamer because she knows that the fine art of networking cables is much more interesting than a pretty place setting.

  7. A gamer girl can dirty talk strategy with you for your next death match.

  8. She already knows that the cake is a lie, so you can go ahead and admit to her that you live with your mom.

  9. She understands the love affair between you and your XBox and is open to a threesome. When you date a gamer, you get unconditional love.

  10. Two words: Cos Play.

So, get out there guys, and date a gamer! You won't be disappointed.

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