10 Reasons To Date A Guitarist

Men love women that are creative and intelligent. A guitarist has dating qualities that are second to none. Here are the 10 reasons why you should date a guitarist.

  1. A guitarist knows how to use her mouth and hands simultaneously. What man doesn’t want to date a woman that multi-tasks?
  2. A guitarist will continue even when it hurts. She will be like the Energizer bunny; she will keep going and going and going…
  3. A guitarist knows how to make right sounds. She knows how to carry the right tune, hit a specific note when necessary, and she will do all of this in key.
  4. A guitarist can play a variety of positions. She can play either standing up, sitting down, on the floor, on a stool, or anywhere else imaginable.
  5. A guitarist can be an amateur or a pro. She used to be a novice and she did not know what she was doing, but she keeps taking private lessons to reach the professional level.
  6. A guitarist is ambidextrous. She knows how to use both of her hands and she does it with style.
  7. A guitarist knows how to make you scream for more. It does not matter who is in the room, she knows to how get someone riled up for the occasion.
  8. A guitarist is used to performing in front of an audience. She is not shy and she is willing to go to any venue anytime, and any place.
  9. A guitarist knows how work her fingers. She knows how and when to touch a certain area of her instrument to perfect the melody.
  10. A guitarist is low maintenance. A guitar does not need that much maintenance for it to work properly and a guitarist is compliments the instrument.
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