10 Reasons To Date A Gymnast

Fascinating  feats are performed by  gymnasts, which leads to at least 10 reasons to date a gymnast.  There is no other Olympic sport that involves such contortionist movements. Imagine dating a person who can balance on one foot while putting the other foot behind their head. Besides the sexual connotations, there are other reasons to date a gymnast.

  1. Gymnasts Look Young. If you enjoy dating younger looking partners, a gymnast is your best choice. Gymnasts seem to age much more slowly than the average person. Date a gymnast if you want to witness this unnatural phenomenon.  
  2. Gymnasts are Athletic. By dating a gymnast, you can enjoy participating in strenuous sports activities. Gymnasts have great stamina and will not be whining to go home after an hour of hiking or biking. Gymnasts have fantastic upper and lower body strength so they can handle any endurance sport you wish to attempt.

  3.  Gymnasts Spend a Lot of Time Training. Because they spend so much time training for their multiple routines, you will not be smothered by a gymnast. You will have plenty of time to yourself. By dating a gymnast, your friends won't feel like you deserted them when you started your new relationship.

  4. Gymnasts are Built Small. If you like to appear to be the dominant person in a relationship, date a gymnast. With their small build, they will make you look like the stronger half of the couple. Even if it is just an illusion, you can fool people by appearance.

  5.  Gymnasts are Graceful. If you've ever had a clumsy partner, then you will appreciate a person who practically floats among your prized possessions. Date a gymnast and you won't have to hide your breakables like you would with a roller derby professional who is used to knocking things out of their way.

  6.  Gymnasts are Great Dancers. Dancing is part of the competition in a gymnast's floor routine. If you need a dance partner for a social event like a wedding reception, you can show off by inviting a gymnast. Date a gymnast and watch your friends lust after your girl who is gyrating on the dance floor.

  7. Gymnasts Smile All the Time. Gymnasts are performers, which requires them to keep a happy face, even when faced with adversity. Since smiles are contagious, you should be in a constant cheerful state when with your gymnast.

  8. Gymnasts are Cheap to Take to Dinner. Gymnasts must maintain an extremely low body weight. On your date with a gymnast, they will most likely order a small salad and drink water.

  9. Gymnasts are Limber. Your imagination is your only limit. A gymnast can twist their body into any position you can dream up. The only question would be whether or not you are up to the challenge.

  10. Gymnasts Have Short Careers. If you decide that you want a relationship with a person who does not spend so much time in training, you will be happy to discover that a gymnastics career is short lived. In fact, by the time this person becomes old enough to date you, their career is almost over.

Dating a gymnast can be very rewarding, packed with benefits you may not have considered. Enjoy the reward that comes with dating a person whose body is more flexible  than a Gumby doll. Just be sure to check an identification to verify that you aren't dating jail bait since the majority of gymnasts are underage.






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