10 Reasons To Date A Swimmer

Need ten reasons to date a swimmer? Swimmers are not only good at athletics, they are also great at other things.

  1. A swimmer is always wet. She is used to being wet all of the time.
  2. A swimmer is always half nude. It will not take long for you to undress a swimmer.
  3. A swimmer is always ready to dip in. When you say “ready, set, go” and shoot your load, she is always ready to dip into the action.
  4. She always wears a rubber. A swimmer has adapted the art of putting on rubbers and she always wanted to wear protection.
  5. She has impeccable leg strength. A swimmer’s legs are so strong that you can hold them up for hours.
  6. She has perfect endurance. She can last for a very long time without stopping. She will not stop until she reaches the top.
  7. She loves to stroke. She has to learn how to stroke in three different ways or she does not win. She knows it is difficult to stroke, but she always wants to get better at it so she practices.
  8. She always starts fast, stays strong, and finishes hard. The longer she goes, the better she gets.
  9. She gets fatigued, but she never stops in the middle. She wants to stop, but her mind keeps telling her to continue. She will finish no matter what the obstacle.
  10. A swimmer is used to performing in front of thousands of people. She is not afraid to perform in front of anyone, and she loves the thrill of others watching her work.
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