10 Reasons To Date Ugly Fat Girls

If you are looking for a new girl to date, then you need to know the 10 reasons to date a fat ugly girl. There are lots of different benefits to dating this kind of woman, but we will have to narrow it down to 10. Just remember that parts of these may be different depending on the personality of the woman you are trying to pick up.

  1. She will be easier to get a date with. If you are having trouble picking up more attractive woman with high self esteem, then go for a fat ugly girl because they are probably having the same problems you are, and you are almost a shoe in for a date.
  2. Convince her it’s not really a “date” so she will pay for her own food. Since the woman is fat and ugly, she probably won’t be as inclined to reject a date, even with someone as rude as a man who tries to make her pay for her own dinner or movie.
  3. You can tell her you are short on money after a few “dates” and get her to pay for stuff. Once again, if she is fat and ugly but you make her feel good, she will most likely be more than happy to pay for anything you are doing together such as a dinner or trip or other activity.
  4. You can date around and then convince her you still love her. Since she has lower self esteem than skinny, attractive girls, she will not want to let you go especially when the sense of jealousy kicks in and she wants to prove she can keep you.
  5. To hold on to you, she will be more than happy to do favors for you. If said fat and ugly chick thinks you are truly in love with her, she will gladly do whatever she can to keep you happy and will definitely run errands and such for her “man.”
  6. Eventually, skip the date and get her to cook you a home cooked meal. Since she is fat and ugly, she probably knows how to cook well, so use that and get some good food without shelling out any money.
  7. Once you get really serious, move in with her and have her pay all the bills. This goes back to that same concept of keeping you around if she thinks you love her, so get this fat and ugly chick to pay all your bills for you.
  8. You can get a fat ugly to just about anything you ask when you want her to! If you are just nice about it, you can get her to do all of your chores and what not because of that old idea, she’s trying to keep you happy.
  9. If you break up with her, she’s probably used to rejection. This helps in that you don’t have to worry as much about her going crazy as say an attractive female who isn’t use to being dumped.
  10. If you miss the things being done for you after you dump her, you can get back together with her. For the most part, if she is fat and ugly, she will want what she had before with you and will be much easier to get back than any other girl.
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