10 Reasons To Date A Volleyball Player

Here are 10 reasons to date a volleyball player. Volleyball players are often overlooked, but not anymore. They will finally get the recognition that they deserve.

  1. A volleyball player always wants to score. Her main goal is scoring and she will do whatever it takes to reach her goal. She is a competitor, she is a winner.
  2. A volleyball player has excellent ball-handling skills. Men want a woman who knows how to treat the man downstairs. She is handling balls all day long because that is all she knows how to do. She is practicing all week long handling balls. Practice makes perfect.
  3. A volleyball player knows how to serve you. She knows how to serve balls and she does it in more than one way.
  4. She does not mind being on her knees. She owns a pair of kneepads for a reason.
  5. She knows how to play different positions. She has learned how to play different positions and she is made to be a versatile athlete.
  6. She plays inside and outside. She playa dirty at the beach, in the gym, and even in the locker room. She knows how to play rough in any given environment.
  7. She loves to get sweaty. She is used to being sweaty for two or more hours at a time.
  8. A volleyball player has lots of stamina. A volleyball player can last for a very, very long time on the court.
  9. She likes to play rough. She will dive, jump and do other things in order to score.
  10. A volleyball player takes one for the team. Whenever the time comes, she will sacrifice her body and take her lumps like a champion.
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