10 Reasons To Love Amber Rives

You may not know her by name, but with the 10 reasons to loveAmber Rives, you have probably been exposed to her talents and beauty. A beneficiary of great fortune and ability, she has also survived a lot in her young life. Those who know her attest that there are many reasons to love Amber Rives.  

  1. Songwriting talent. Rives was barely old enough to drink when she started inking a bevy of hits performed by talented artists. She was responsible for "No Air," by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. She is also the mastermind behind a slew of other chart-topper performed by Leona Lewis, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey.
  2. Complexion. Her Spanish, Irish, and Cuban descent gives fans one of many reasons to love Amber Rives. With a skin tone that is creamy and dark, Rives is a melting pot of beauty.  
  3. Drive. Receiving her first modeling gig at just the age of fifteen, Rives benefits from a never-say-die attitude. She has made a splash in music videos, TV shows, and at the top of global music charts. Not only is this kind of tenacity one of the many reasons to love Amber Rives, but it is also a reason to envy her!
  4. Role model. Rives has shown young women of different colors and ethnicities that America truly is a land of opportunity with her breakout successes. Setting an example for future generations as a youth is another of the many reasons to love Amber Rives.
  5. Hair. Her long dark locks add to her exotic look, which in turn adds to her lure. Women would kill to sport her dos, and guys just want the chance to run their fingers through it.
  6. Eyes. Like cold dark pools, Rives eyes are piercing windows to a soul that is much brighter and more refreshing than you may initially think. Just one more of the reasons to love Amber Rives, her eyes tell a story of success and determination and are, in a word, hypnotic.  
  7. Resiliency. At a very young age, Rives had made friends with some of the best and brightest young talents in the world. Two of her friends, Aaliyah Haughton and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, lost their lives in tragic accidents, teaching Rives about the fragility of life at all too young of an age. She has since embraced life by grabbing on to her own shooting star of success, thus giving fans one of the best reasons to love Amber Rives.  
  8. Sense of humor. Despite being the type of person who takes her career very seriously, and despite some tragic setbacks, Rives still manages to show off her sense of humor as she did in a guest spot on the popular television series, "How I Met Your Mother."  
  9. Legs. Rives was not a guest judge on friend Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model" without reason. The statuesque beauty stuns with her long slender legs that have helped her achieve a successful modeling career in addition to finding success with her intelligence.
  10. Chest. Rives' bustline is not overly large, but she sports one of the most indomitable figures in the world. While every man can appreciate her captivating figure as one of the best reasons to love Amber Rives, she is in reality a talent that brings so much more than this to the table. Still, it doesn't hurt when seeing her in videos and advertisements!  
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