10 Reasons To Love Carolyn Murphy

It's not like anyone needs 10 reasons to love Carolyn Murphy.  She's only one of the most recognizable supermodels in fashion, having appeared on the cover of American, British, French and Italian "Vogue", not to mention her appearance in "Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition". So, if the fact that she's stunningly gorgeous is not enough, here are ten more reasons to love model/actress Carolyn Murphy:

  1. She's been featured in a Pirelli calendar.  Which pretty much means she's reached the pinnacle of hotness, right?
  2. Murphy was once married to surf-shop owner Jake Schroeder.  Chances are good that she's a real surfer girl, then, and that's loveable.
  3. She also dated Incubus' Brandon Boyd; however, that didn't work, so she, too, knows that Incubus sucks.  We'll even forgive her for starring in an Incubus video.
  4. She's been on the "Forbes" list of highest-paid supermodels three times. That says she can pay for dinner, a new Harley, the biggest flat-screen known to man, a Viper….
  5. In 1999, "Vogue" named her one of the "Models of the Millenium." More than ten years later, she's still bringing home the bacon, so she didn't let us down.
  6. She's friends with a bunch of other really hot models, including Carmen Kass, Jessica Miller and Angela Lindvall. The hotness of all four of these in one room could contribute to global warming.
  7. She looks great as a blonde or a brunette. 
  8. She's appeared in campaigns for Gucci, Calvin Klein, Verasace, MaxMara, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co. and Estee Lauder. So she looks good in couture, jewelry, and perfume.  All together, or one at a time, presumably.
  9. She starred in "Liberty Heights". Which is a pretty cool movie.
  10. Could her eyes be any bluer?


Carolyn Murphy – Fashion Model Profile

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