10 Reasons To Love Christina Pistone

The 10 Reasons To Love Christina Pistone are all based on her personality as well as her exterior appearance. A Maxim model and all-around model who has appeared in many a spread and pictorials for men's magazines, Christina Pistone is not your typical, predictable model.

  1. Ethnicity. One of the 10 reasons to love Christina Pistone is that she's not the stereotypical, California girl. She is actually a mix of Argentine and Italian roots. That makes her all the more interesting to gawk at for sure.
  2. California Girl. The second reason to love Christina Pistone is…she is a California girl! She hails from the planned community of Valencia in Santa Clarita. Valencia is an affluent community, so she has money and looks.
  3. Smacks People Down. The third reason to love this scantily clad model of a girl is because she will mix it up with you. A long time ago in a bar, Christina Pistone took down both a girl and her guy who were trying to mess with her. Watch out…because she will open up a can of you-know-what on you!
  4. No Nudity. While some guys may be saddened by this fact, Christina Pistone does not accept nude modeling work. Though, in all honesty, when you look at her pictorials, there really isn't much standing in between her and total nudity anyhow.
  5. Will Work for Paid Travel Expenses. Just call her a working girl, but Christina Pistone will only travel for work if her expenses are paid. We like a girl who has enough moxie to think she's worth more than average.
  6. Maxim Girl. One of the best reasons to love Christina Pistone is that she was featured in Maxim's pages twice: once in September 2006 and once in December 2006. You know what girls in Maxim look like, right? Exactly.
  7. Height. The seventh reason to love Christina Pistone is her height. Yes, her height. Standing at a very attractive five feet, six inches tall, Pistone is just right for a gal. Not too short and not too tall either, she would do any decent-sized guy justice, clinging to his arm.
  8. Weight. Not a girl afraid to list her weight, Christina Pistone comes in at a slim and comely 103 pounds. Not anorexic-skinny by any means and not having an ounce of fat on her physique, Pistone is just right again.
  9. Hazel Eyes. Again defying the mold, Pistone is not your typical, blue-eyed gal. She has different and unique, hazel eyes in which you can easily melt away if you stare too hard or too long.
  10. Long Hair. The tenth reason is an easy one. Long hair says attractive woman all day long. And Christina Pistone's hair is brown and shiny. Yum.
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