10 Reasons To Love Christy Turlington

It's easy to find 10 reasons to love Christy Turlington. Discovered by a New York modeling agency when she was only fourteen years old., Christy Turington has grown up in front of the camera and has built a professional career modeling and acting. She gives to charities, she makes important business decisions and she's married proving that maybe all the good ones are taken, or maybe there is life after the vows.

1. She bounced back after 2 babies. Grace and Finn are the spawn of Supermodel Christy Turlington and Edward Burns, a writer, actor and director.

2. Christy Turlington keeps it in the family. Her sister Kelly is married to her husband's brother Brian. Her sister is also her sister-in-law. In case you want to use that information to fuel some sort of fantasy, consider that in a July 2008 interview with Diablo Magazine, Christy said that "My sisters and I are interchangeable." 

3. She's a published author. An avid yoga practitioner, Christy authored the book Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice, published in 2002.

4. Her mouth smells sweet. It must, because she's an anti-smoking activist. her father died from lung cancer and  she gave up cigarettes several years ago.

5. She's deep. In 1994 she earned a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Religions and Eastern Philosophy.

6. She's saving the world, sort of. Her documentary No Woman, No Cry showcases the horrors that women in third world countries are subject to, in the name of maternal care. 

7. She's not stubborn. An outspoken vegetarian for several years, Christy now eats meat.

8. She might make your wife or girlfriend look and feel better. She owns a line of ayurvedic skin care products and workout clothes for yoga and active wear.

9. She's not a clothes hound.  Other super models might collect designer clothing, but Christy rarely buys the latest fashions. She says she'd rather feed people.

10. Christy is beautiful. You might have guessed that, being that she's a supermodel and all, but how many women can claim that Vogue Magazine called them the "most beautiful thing that ever lived."


Vogue Magazine

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