10 Reasons To Love Daniela Pestova

Looking for 10 reasons to love Daniela Pestova? The Czech model Daniela Pestova is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has modeled for several publications and stolen many a heart. Considering this factor alone, it is not hard to find 10 reasons to love Daniela Pestova.

  1. She's more than just a pretty face. Daniela Pestova is more than just hot, she is incredibly intelligent. Daniela speaks fluent Russian, French, Italian and Czech.
  2. She's an unfading beauty. Though Daniela, a mother of three, is past the age that most models retire, she is still just as hot as she was a two decades ago.
  3. Daniela had a Guess girl start.  Like many of the models that captivate our hearts and minds, a young Daniela got her start in 1990 as a Guess girl.
  4. She has high aspirations. Before being discovered at a theater, Daniela had intentions of getting a degree in education. This just goes to show how much of a humanitarian she is.
  5. Never the same look twice for Daniela. Daniela is often referred to as the Chameleon. This is because of her ever-changing look.
  6. Daniela isn't afraid to bare it all.  What's not to love about a girl free of inhibitions? Daniela was one of the first women to wear body paint for the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition, a trend that has obviously continued.
  7. Daniela's plans for the future. Daniela is aware of the fact that modeling won't last forever, though she has made it last much longer than most. For this reason, she has a goal of becoming a translator after she retires.
  8. She's a great mother. Daniela isn't just a great model but a great mother as well. She is the mother of a teenage son named Yannik as well as a younger son and daughter with her current husband.
  9. A personal calendar girl. Daniela has her own annual "Sports Illustrated" calendar. This just goes to show her continued popularity and charm.
  10. She's a funny girl. For a snapshot of Daniela's fun personality, check out her 1998 appearance on the Jay Leno show. Beauty, brains and a great personality. Who needs an excuse to love Daniela Pestova?
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