10 Reasons To Love Elle Macpherson

10 reasons to love Elle Macpherson would not be difficult to compile, as she plays an active role in business, charities, and the world of high fashion, while also saving private time for her family. This gorgeous model rose to fame in the '80s alongside Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and others . She remains known as "The Body" and is one of the most famous supermodels of all time.

  1. Beauty. To start off the list of reasons to love Elle Macpherson, we take a look at her perfect proportions. She dazzled the high fashion world with her form, earning her the nickname "The Body". Elle is six feet tall, athletic and voluptuous, and at 47, she looks as incredible as ever.
  2. Fashion Icon. Elle has graced the cover of "Sports Illustrated" a record five times. Among the reasons to love Elle Macpherson is the fact that her appearances are spread out in three decades. Her remarkable immunity to the enemy of most models—age—makes her a true icon in this severely competitive business.
  3. Ambition.  Moving from her native Australia to the United States in order to make money for college is not an easy decision. Another reason to love Elle is the courage she displayed in coming to a new country and remaining here, in order to seek opportunities.
  4. Business. Elle Macpherson manages a huge business empire, which she started herself. A beautiful and intelligent woman, she acts as the Chief Marketing Officer of her empire, which is based on the sale of calendars, workout videos, beauty products and a lingerie line.
  5. Philanthropy. Some of the many charities in which Elle Macpherson is involved include UNICEF( in which she serves as an ambassador ),Smile Foundation, and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. A supermodel, who gives back to the ones in need, is another reason to love Elle.
  6. Relevancy. Elle recently joined "Britain's Next Top Model", which she will produce and host. This sun-kissed model and businesswoman is not slowing down and keeps finding new, challenging outlets for her talent and passion. The sheer consistency and versatility of Elle help her remain as relevant as ever in high fashion. Furthermore, her physique of a goddess, which defies time, doesn't hurt as well. This timelessness adds to the list of reasons to love Elle Macpherson.
  7. Positive Role Model. Our favorite Australian Beauty does not appear in tabloids and gossip magazines. Elle's healthy, athletic body is a strong, reassuring reminder to aspiring models that beauty is intricately tied to health and confidence, not extreme thinness.
  8. Love for Challenges. Elle Macpherson appeared in several films and for one of them, "Sirens". she gained twenty pounds in order to portray the character better. In another role, Elle played a woman interested in bisexuality. This is why even more reasons to love Elle Macpherson, specifically her confidence, which allows her to take on challenging roles.
  9. Personality. Described as shy and polite in interviews, Elle is a refreshing reminder that manners are compatible with fame.
  10. Entrepreneur. Elle launched her lingerie collection in 1990 and it became a best-selling line in Australia, as well as Great Britain. She also designed a maternity line, which showcases her originality and spirit of an entrepreneur. The list of reasons to love Elle Macpherson goes on, but we focus on these top ten traits, which launched this beautiful Australian into the spotlight and help her to remain there for decades more.


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