10 Reasons To Love Eva Herzigova

Drummer Tico Torres from Bon Jovi can probably still think of reasons to love Eva Herzigova, even though their marriage lasted only two years. This Czech beauty bore him a son and brings men in eighteen countries to their knees via print ads, magazine covers, television and  film appearances and fashion shows. 

  1. She knows when to use her fame. Upon hearing the heartbreaking story of a family friend whose child was dying of leukemia, Eva funded a campaign to have more people tested for a possible bone marrow match. 
  2. Her tongue is talented. That is to say, she speaks English, Russian, French and her native language Czechoslovakian.
  3. She got paid $36,000 to cut her hair. Not exactly- she had a modeling contract with a lingerie company who backed out on the deal when she cut her hair. Later in court, a judge ordered them to pay her the full amount of the contract. 
  4. She took it all off. After ten successful years in the modeling business, she posed nude for Playboy's August 2004 issue.
  5. She was in the Olympics, even though she's not an athlete. She played Venus in the opening ceremony for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.
  6. She's a legend. In 2005, she played herself in a short film by french filmmaker Gaspar Noé, entitled "Eva."
  7. She does the work of 3 people. In her 2004 film "Twisted Tango," she worked as a producer, an actress and a costume designer.
  8. Since modeling for the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, you can find her on beaches all over the world. Her swimsuits, anyhow: she has her own private line of swimwear for women.
  9. She's tall. Just an inch shy of 6 feet tall, Eva can make many grown men feel like midgets.
  10. She's been on TV in lingerie. Eva modeled for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and their print catalog.


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