10 Reasons To Love Gemma Ward

Discovered at the age of fourteen, this supermodel quickly rose to fame and here are 10 reasons to love Gemma Ward. The Australian model has kept humble throughout being the youngest model to appear on the cover of American "Vogue", a budding film actress and an internationally recognized celebrity.

  1. "Search for a Supermodel". The best reason to love Gemma Ward is because she was discovered on "Search for a Supermodel" and went on to have a successful modeling career. Faking her parents signature on the permission form to enter the contest is another reason to love the bold fashion model. Gemma Ward did not win the 2002 Australian reality show competition, but the exposure set her on the path to become a successful model.
  2. It Girl. Gemma Ward was sixteen years old when "Vogue" named her an "It Girl" in the modeling world. The magazine loves Gemma Ward's look and featured her plus eight other models on the September 2004 American "Vogue" fold out cover. To date Gemma Ward has been the youngest "it girl" in the "Vogue" fashion world.
  3. Family Matters. Born in 1987, Gemma was in high demand at the age of eighteen and it is her close knit family that keeps her grounded. Gemma's mother Claire travels with her when time permits, and her sister Sophie also models. In an interview with "Sixty Minutes" Claire Ward said, "I have seen her go through the hardest times emotionally, because she gets terribly homesick, obviously, and she has incredible energy to get through really tough times sometimes."
  4. Magazine Cover Girl. Fashion magazine editors love Gemma Wards look, especially "Vogue" editions which feature the model on 32 covers from 2004-2007. Gemma Ward has appeared on 58 covers from 2004-2008 which include, "W", "Vanity Fair", "WFM", and "Esteem"
  5. International Success. A reason to love Gemma Ward is her international success due largely to her 32 "Vogue" covers. Gemma Ward has been on international "Vogue" editions including, Korea, Nippon, Paris, Italia, UK, China, Mexico, and Taiwan, and Australia.
  6. Music Video Star. The 2005 music video for John Mayer's Grammy winning song "Daughters", features Gemma Ward. The music video is gray scale but the shots of Gemma are all in color. The music video only features John Mayer and Gemma Ward.
  7. Humble. Gemma Ward is no diva, but she has seen them behind the scenes. In an interview with "Sixty Minutes" Gemma says, "No, I don't think I could ever be a diva. But we'll see, you never know," continuing to talk about other models, "You know, I've seen them snatch make-up from the make-up artist's hands and redoing it and, you know, just wanting everything tailored to them. It's very strange to me, because it's teamwork."
  8. Forbes List. In 2008 Gemma Ward made the list of The Worlds Top-Earning Models at number eleven. Earning $3 million dollars because of contracts with high end fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Dior is another reason to love Gemma Ward's in-demand beauty. 
  9. Actress. A reason to love Gemma Ward is her bold decision jumping from the fashion world into the movie industry. Making the leap from model to actress in the 2001 Australian movie "Pink Pyjamas" which Gemma had a small role portraying the character Heidi. In 2008 Gemma was in two films, "The Black Balloon" and "The Strangers" which also featured Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.
  10. Weight Gain. In 2008 after the death of Gemma Wards close friend Heath Ledger, she stepped off the catwalk and has yet to return. During her time off from modeling and acting the used to be stick thin model has gained some healthy weight. The allegedly thirty pound weight gain has Gemma looking healthy and beautiful which is another reason to love Gemma Ward.
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