10 Reasons To Love Jamie Mazur

If you are into models, you may enjoy knowing the 10 reasons to love Jamie Mazur. If you don’t know who Jamie Mazur is, you should continue reading and you will soon find out why he is considered a lucky man.

  1. Jamie Mazur is dating Alessandra Ambrosio.  Who is Alessandra Ambrosio?  She is an international Brazilian model who has posed for Victoria’s Secret.
  2. He had a child with Alessandra Ambrosio. The child was a girl, Anja, and will probably grow up as beautiful as her mother.
  3. Jamie Mazur owns his own company, Underground Denim.  This company sells designer jeans to college campuses.
  4. He looks like an ordinary man.  He isn’t ugly. He isn’t that handsome. He is just average looking. This gives ordinary men hope that they, too, can land a beautiful woman like Alessandra.  
  5. Jamie Mazur is engaged to marry Alessandra. This would mean he will be married to a beautiful Victoria’s Secret Model.
  6. He gets to go to all the big parties. Most of the parties will have many other beautiful models in attendance.
  7. He has been a hot subject in many Hollywood gossip stories.  Since the birth of their baby, both Alessandra and Jamie has been featured on many websites.
  8. He has been with Alessandra since 2008. In Hollywood, couples usually never stay together more than a year.
  9. He seems to be a devoted father. There are many pictures showing him doting on his daughter, Anja.
  10. He seems to love his family. The entire family looks happy in the pictures. Alessandra and Jamie look like they are still in love and Anja looks like a happy child.
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