10 Reasons To Love Joanna Krupa

With her beautiful outward appearance and warm heart, here are the top 10 reasons to love Joanna Krupa. This Polish-born, Chicago-raised lady is a model, actress, television host and activist. 

1. She loves animals.  She loves our furry friends so much that she is a well-known PETA activist and has gone as far as to agree to a PETA photo shoot showing her naked body with a halo and crucifix.  Joanna Krupa would rather go naked then wear fur (we would rather her go naked, too!)

2. She has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive.  Magazines all over the world have included Joanna’s name on their Sexiest lists.  From Playboy naming Krupa as the “Sexiest Swimsuit Model In The World” to others naming her “Sexiest Top Model” and “Sexiest Woman In Poland,” this blonde bombshell will continue to make the lists for years to come.

3. Joanna will date men with beer bellies.  A recent interview with Maxim, Joanna admitted that she would date a man with a beer belly if he had a good personality.  Guys, you are in luck!  

4. She can dance.  She was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and did very well.  She made it to the semi-finals and had the audience drooling.  Joanna Krupa is definetly multi-talented.

5. She is proof that models can act.  Yes, women known for their beauty often have poor acting skills, but Joanna Krupa is phenomenal in everything she does.  She had minor roles in Scary Movie 4 and CSI.  Joanna has appeared on Las Vegas, Son of the Beach, The Man Show, and others.   Joanna showed off her acting skills when she starred with Michael Madsen in “Six Days of Paradise.”

6. Joanna Krupa likes sin.  Sin City, that is.  Joanna has been hosting the 2009 North American Poker Tour.  

7. She can double your pleasure.  Actually, Joanna has a sister, Marta, who is just as gorgeous.  Can you imagine the possibilities?

8. Joanna appreciates inner beauty.  Yes, a babe with a heart!  She mentions on her blog that although she has been named “Sexiest Swimsuit Model In The World“, she really appreciates the inner beauty in others.

9. She prefers thongs.  Joanna has been quoted as saying she doesn’t get into the whole lingerie thing, she prefers thongs.  Nice!

10. She likes to work out with a vibrator.  Put your eyes back in their sockets!  She is a true believer in staying fit with PowerPlate, which is a piece of exercise equipment that uses vibration technology .  I wonder what other vibrating equipment Joanna likes to use every day?

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