10 Reasons To Love Karen Mulder

Here are 10 reasons to love Karen Mulder. Karen Mulder has turned into one of the most beloved females in the national spotlight. She is the perfect all-American girl with the slim body, cute face, and long, blonde hair. Below are ten reasons why you should love her.

  1. Her Eyes- Karen Mulders eyes are a heavy shade of blue that seem to be miles deep. They are the kind of eyes you can stare into for hours and simply get lost in, and they are reason number one why you should love her.
  2. Her Breasts- In Hollywood today, every female seems to have breast the size of the moon. Karen however has the perfect size and shape. In a world fooled into thinking bigger is better, Karen proves them wrong.
  3. Her Height- Karen may not be tall, but she is far from being short. She sits at the perfect height for reason number three to love her. Five foot ten and beautiful is Karen Mulder.
  4. Her Age- Karen may not be a youngster anymore, but she is not older than your grandmother either. She is forty years old and all that does is leave us imagining all the experience and tricks she has under her belt … literally.
  5. Her Measurements- Karen Mulder is a size four dress. While some may think that is too skinny, they just do not know how to handle it.
  6. Her Poses– Every one knows Karen Mulder is a great model, but some times they take her for granted. Arguably the greatest reason to love her is how she seems to pose in the perfect position at every photo shoot.
  7. Her Nationality- Karen Mulders nationality is a huge reason to love her. Every body loves an exotic girl, well Karen Mulder was born in the Netherlands.
  8. Her Accent- As stated above Karen Mulder is from an exotic European country. Hearing words come out of her mouth sounds like something you would hear from an angel.
  9. Her Ability To Rebound- This girl is fierce, and nothing can keep her down. Earlier on in her life she attempted a suicide. A suicide attempt that took her out of action for a while. But like a warrior she eventually made her return and every one loved it.
  10. Her Connections- Karen Mulder has modelled with a number of other famous models, and just knowing who she knows is unbelievable, and another reason to love her
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