10 Reasons To Love Miranda Kerr

There are far more than ten reasons to love Miranda Kerr, the gorgeous Australian supermodel, but here it's narrowed it down to just ten.

  1. She dates Orlando Bloom. So she's probably been in proximity to Bloom's "Pirates of the Caribbean" co-star, Johnny Depp and all that pirate gear at some point. That's beyond cool.
  2. Oh, and she once denied dating Orlando Bloom.  She said it was a publicity stunt, which makes her a funny girl.
  3. Those dimples.  Need anyone say more? Not with that smile.
  4. She once told Teen Vogue that she loves to read, and considers books to be some of her best friends. That makes Miranda Kerr a smart girl, too.
  5. She's understanding. Miranda Kerr  rushed to the defense of the stockbroker who was caught looking at her nude pictures on his work computer by a local news crew, which caused an international incident. But Kerr went as far as offering to sign a petition to keep him on the job.
  6. Kerr is the Victoria's Secret spokesperson. Could that be why she's the number one reason men rescue Victoria's Secret catalogs from the trash at the post office?
  7. She starred in Pharrell's music video for the song "Number One" in 2006.
  8. She's rich. According to Forbes magazine, she made around $3 million dollars in 2008 and 2009. Who doesn't love a girl with her own spending money?
  9. Her number one vice?  Lindt dark chocolate truffles, a guilty pleasure anyone can understand.
  10. Miranda Kerr is also an author. She released a book in 2009 titled "Treasure Yourself."  Beauty and brains? What's not to love about Miranda Kerr.



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