10 Reasons To Love Rachel McAdams

It’s not hard to find 10 reasons to love Rachel McAdams. The Canadian thespian stands out like a sore thumb in a Hollywood populated with sexpots, coke heads, egomaniacs, and bottle blonds (admittedly, McAdams has gone blond herself a few times).

  1. Her Smile. Our first reason to love Rachel, McAdams’ smile is so big it nearly splits her face in half. Though having a great smile and inviting personality is a trick of the trade, McAdams’ is so genuine and natural you can’t help but fall for her. Like all great movie stars, when her face lights up on screen, it’s like she’s got eyes for you, and you alone.
  2. Her Eyes. Our second reason to love Rachel, there’s kindness, intelligence, enigma, and impish mischievousness in McAdams’ eyes. The welcoming invitation of her peepers gives McAdams the air of someone who can drop eff bombs with your mom over a margarita, tell dirty jokes to your brother, be your sister’s best friend, and hold a conversation with your dad about the validity of Kantian ethics.
  3. Her Sense of Humor. Our third reason to love Rachel, except for Guy Ritchie’s tongue-in-cheek Sherlock Holmes, McAdams has been sticking to more serious fare recently. Her early performances in The Hot Chick and Mean Girls show that McAdams has hilarity in spades lurking beneath her more romantic inclinations.
  4. Her Versatility. Our fourth reason to love Rachel—versatility is a sign of restlessness and curiosity, the mark of any good artist—unlike many young actors, who find something they can do well and stick with it, McAdams has done thrillers (Red Eye), Comedy (Mean Girls), Romantic Leads (The Notebook), and Family Drama (The Family Stone). Even though she’s been in some crap (That one about the guy who travels through time, so when he’s 40 he’s dating a teenager? Weak sauce.), she’s never uninteresting.
  5. She’s Canadian. Our fifth reason to love Rachel, along with Neil Young, Brendan Frasier, and Avril Lavigne, McAdams hails from the Great White North. Why do we love this? What’s not to love about someone from a remote corner who follows a dream to fame? And she still lives there. Real talk.
  6. She’s a natural brunette. Our sixth reason to love Rachel, not only is she a natural brunette, she sometimes even appears in public with, wait for it…her own hair color intact and unhampered by product! Newsflash, California: brown sugar tastes so good.
  7. She’s working class. Our seventh reason to love Rachel, there are few things more annoying than nepotism, ao seeing a talented outsider rise in the ranks of an industry bloated with the self-congratulatory narcissism of exploiting its own progeny is gratifying for everyone born of normal means. That her dad was a truck driver and her mom a nurse makes it that much sweeter.
  8. She’s a vegetarian. Our eight reason to love Rachel, steak-loving readers might not be pleased to see this, but steering clear of meat gives McAdams a considerably lower chance of having a heart attack, which means she lives longer, which means we get more of her. Can’t complain. It’s also of significant benefit to the environment.
  9. She’s not a crack head. Our ninth reason to love Rachel, it’s refreshing to see a young, talented, sexy mainstream actress who isn’t a crack head or severely deranged in some alternate manner.
  10. She’s cute as a button. Our tenth, and ultimate reason, to love Rachel—you can’t argue with this one—she’s just so. damn. cute. How can you not love her?
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