10 Reasons To Love Taylor Kennedy

Looking for 10 reasons to love Taylor Kennedy? It's hard to narrow down the top 10 reasons people love Taylor Kennedy. She is an amazing, gorgeous woman and her beauty captivates people every day.

  1. A true Tennessee beauty. Taylor Kennedy stands only 5' 1", weighs 105 pounds and has black hair and blue eyes. She is stunningly beautiful.
  2. Her breast size. This article would not be complete without stating that Kennedy is loved for the large size of her breasts.
  3. South Carolina. This is where her modeling career started, by posing for a local swimsuit publication. Her career just took off from there.
  4. Hooter's TV commercials. She became well-known through Hooter's commercials that she starred in. This is where her career really started. People began to notice her beauty on TV.
  5. Spokesmodel roles for numerous companies. Kennedy was hired to be a spokesmodel for many companies, including Budweiser, Reebok and Toyzz.com.
  6. Playboy. People love Taylor Kennedy for her many appearances in Playboy. She has appeared many times in different sections, including Voluptuous Vixens several times and Natural Beauties.
  7. Personal trainer. Kennedy decided to become certified as a personal trainer, and she then opened up her own personal training business called Fitness Physique. People loved her for the services she offered.
  8. Popularity. Taylor Kennedy has built, published and maintains her own website. Her Yahoo group is one of the largest around, and her modeling fan club is also. 
  9. The Taylor Kennedy Foundation. In 2004, Kennedy created this foundation for several reasons. The first was to extend the American dream to people and try to make it a reality. The second was to increase literacy, and third, to teach people how to dream, to promote charity and to participate in community service.
  10. Rock Confidential. Taylor Kennedy is loved by many for her role as a columnist for the well-known Rock Confidential website.
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