10 Reasons To Love Tyra Banks

Need 10 reasons to love Tyra Banks?  Besides the fact that she's adored by her fans and model protégées, that is? There's a good reason Tyra has become a larger than life personality. She's accomplished, smart and a TV entrepreneur. Here are ten reasons to love Tyra.

  1. She's not just a pretty face. Tyra didn't retire from modeling to sit around the house all day. She went to work on her own talk show and created one of the most interesting reality TV shows around. She showed that models can be smart and accomplished, which is one reason to love Tyra Banks.
  2. She made modeling an interesting thing to watch. Who would have wanted to sit around watching models do their thing until America's Next Top Model (ANTM) came along? Tyra took some of her old modeling gigs and turned them into challenges for the contestants. 
  3. She's "fierce." Tyra coined the phrase "fierce" on ANTM, which means having a strong attitude. Being fierce applies to the models on ANTM and it also applies to everyday life. Yet another reason to love Tyra Banks.
  4. She found a niche in the talk show world. Breaking into the talk show business is difficult. Think of how many of them have failed after only one season.  Tyra's show broadcasted topics that other shows were not discussing. Her personality came through, which is another reason to love Tyra Banks.
  5. She fought back with the weight criticism. When Tyra was criticized in 2007 about gaining several pounds, she didn't take it lightly. Tyra believed she was a role model for young girls who needed to see what she looked like when she wasn't a model. As a result, she showed young women how to embrace their bodies, whatever the size.
  6. She's stayed out of the tabloids and kept her dignity. Besides the weight issue, Tyra has not been a subject in the tabloids. She has kept her private life her own; a tough thing to do in Hollywood.
  7. She promotes individuality and strong women. When Tyra chooses the models that will be on ANTM, she picks girls who are smart and savvy, as well as beautiful. One reason we love Tyra Banks is that she shows women that real beauty comes from inside.
  8. She's shown young models that there is llfe after the modeling world. Tyra has shown young models that in order to continue working after the modeling years are over, you have to plan for it. Success doesn't come without hard work and preparation. 
  9. She's held out for Mr. Right. Tyra knows that true love is a once in a lifetime thing. She has been smart about developing her career and being comfortable in her own skin before making that walk down the aisle.
  10. She's got a great sense of humor. One reason to love Tyra Banks is she can laugh at herself. She has a healthy self-esteem and that includes the ability to poke fun of the things she does.


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