10 Reasons To Love Valeria Mazza

There are probably about a hundred reasons to love her, but here are 10 Reasons to love Valeria Mazza.  Having risen to fame in the mid 1990's, she is often mistaken for one of her colleagues in the modeling world, Claudia Schiffer, because of their similar looks. Valeria Mazza was one of the beautiful models that captured the hearts of the masses in the 1990s. 

  1. She had one of the best body figures. During her modeling peak, she had a wonderful proportioned body that was ideal for a model.  Valeria was able to maintain this figure even in her semi-retired status. 
  2. She had the blonde trademark. When she dyed her hair blonde, she stirred fans to love her more, and she looked a lot more like Claudia Schiffer. She already had more than enough fans when she was a brunette, but really rose to fame when she had that beautiful blonde hair. 
  3. She has the sexiest blue eyes. Valeria Mazza can make anyone become lost in her eyes.  Her beautifully shaped and blue colored eyes made her face one of the most enjoyable and mesmerizing to look at. 
  4. She used to be a famous Victoria’s Secret angel. This is perhaps one of the highlights of her career. Being a model of this top lingerie brand hailed her as one of the most admired models there was. 
  5. Vogue, Elle and Glamour are her home magazines. She had never been one of those girls who would shy away from the covers of mags and cameras. She was a regular cover girl and her work was seen in the three most respected high fashion magazines on a regular basis.  
  6. Valeria Mazza finished high school on top of her early modeling career. A model in every sense of the word, she made sure that her true beauty came from knowledge. At 14, while a model and a student, she stayed in school which is no easy task. 
  7. She managed to acquire an Occupational Therapy degree. She is an example of a good role model, valuing both a career and education at age 22. Managing both schooling and work is a task that she handled well. 
  8. One of her cute vices was playing her Gameboy. Valeria Mazza was like a little girl tinkering with a favorite toy. This shows another side of her that made her adorable and relateable in the eyes of her fans. What guy doesn't appreciate a girl who likes video games?
  9. She remained an icon after her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover (which she shared with Tyra Banks). Her 1996 pose secured her as an icon figures in the modeling and celebrity world. She ranked 27 in 50 Hottest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models of All Time. 
  10. Valeria Mazza remained in the lime light on top of being a family woman and an entrepreneur. With her growing family of three boys and a girl, she maintains her dedication as a mother and keeps afire her passion for glamour by managing her own "Valeria Mazza" cosmetic line. 
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