10 Reasons To Love Yamila Diaz

There are more than 10 reasons to love Yamila Diaz, but these are the top reasons. This Argentine model is a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman and people cannot take their eyes off of her.

  1. She's beautiful. Yamila Diaz is 5' 7",has green eyes, dark brown hair and was born in 1976.
  2. She's exotic and is from Argentina. She has dark skin and gorgeous eyes. She was born and raised in Argentina and is actually Lebanese and Spanish. These dark features cause her beauty to be characterized as "very exotic."
  3. She's intelligent. Yamila Diaz was actually a student studying economics in Buenos Aires before her career switch to the modeling industry in 1996. She comes from an intelligent family as well. Her father was a doctor and her mother worked as a healthcare manager.
  4. Her modeling career was accidental. Yamila Diaz had no intention of ever becoming a model, let alone a superstar model. She was spotted outside a modeling agency in Buenos Aires and that is how her career began.
  5. She's a "Sports Illustrated" model. She has been a regular in the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition, first appearing in the magazine in 1999. She made the cover in 2002 and again in 2006.
  6. She's a Cover Girl spokeswoman. Yamila Diaz was the spokeswoman for Cover Girl.
  7. She's a Victoria's Secret model. She is known to periodically appear in Victoria's Secret catalogs from time to time.
  8. She is on the covers of many other magazines and publications. She has been on many different magazine covers, including "Glamour," "Max," "Elle," and "Shape."
  9. She lives in New York. Yamila Diaz currently lives in Manhattan with her Italian boyfriend. Who doesn't love New York?
  10. She has appeared in a film. Yamila Diaz appeared in an Italian film called "Pesce Innamorato" in 1999.



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