10 Reasons To Love Yasmeen Ghauri

If you are looking for ten reasons to love Yasmeen Ghauri, look no further. Yasmeen Ghauri is a gorgeous Canadian model who has been gracing the covers of magazines since the early 1990's. What are the top ten reasons we love Yasmeen Ghauri? Read on to find out.

  1. Her exotic good looks. Yasmeen is famous for her dark brown hair, stunning brown eyes, and exotic good looks. It's no shock that she has appeared in so many magazines and ads, with her breathtaking beauty.
  2. Her cover in "Elle" Magazine. In 1990, Yasmeen Ghauri graced the cover of "Elle" Magazine and from then on, she had everyone's attention.
  3. Her appearance in "Playboy." In May 1994, Yasmeen made an appearance in "Playboy", and it caused quite a commotion.
  4. She was discovered while working at McDonalds. At the very young age of 17, Yasmeen Ghauri was spotted at a McDonald's restaurant by a salon owner and a hairdresser while working her shift. The rest is history.
  5. She paved the way for many other ethnic models in the industry. When Yasmeen first began modeling, she was different from the current all-American, blonde models of that time. She started a trend of bringing in more ethnic models into the industry.
  6. Her famous runway walk. Yasmeen is famous for her exaggerated and powerful walk on the runway.
  7. Her appearance in the documentary Unzipped.' In 1995, Yasmeen Ghauri appeared in the documentary "Unzipped," which was created by Isaac Mizrahi.
  8. The swivel of her hips. Yasmeen Ghauri was quite famous for the way she swiveled her curvy hips down the runway. This added to the appeal of her powerful runway walk.
  9. Her Victoria's Secret contract. Yasmeen began a contract with Victoria's Secret in 1992. Soon after, she became the face of Versace.
  10. Her tall, gorgeous body. Yasmeen is well known for her dark skin and flawless, tall physique.
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