10 Reasons To Play Golf

There are more than ten reasons to play golf, but it’s a good idea to focus on the most important ones. With the proliferation of golf courses being built around the world, there’s really no excuse not to play.

  1. Enjoy being outdoors. Golf courses are almost always well maintained, so you can enjoy playing the game on grass someone else has mowed.
  2. All ages and skill levels can play golf together. You don’t have to rely on your golfing buddies to return the ball. You’ll play side by side as you work your way down the fairway.
  3. Golf is good for your competitive spirit. Keep score and don’t forget to count every putt.
  4. Business deals are conducted every single day on a golf course. Where else can you actively play a sport and not be too out of breath to seal the deal?
  5. Golf is a challenging sport. Many professional golfers admit that it’s a game of misses, so no one is perfect and everyone has room to improve.
  6. The exercise factor is high. Whether you walk the course or take a cart, you’re still moving and getting a workout without too much effort. Just try not to drink more calories than you burn up.
  7. Camaraderie is easy on the golf course. You can hang out with old friends and make new ones on the course then back at the snack bar afterward.
  8. Golf is a great family activity. Teach your kids how to play and you’ll always have a golf buddy.
  9. The game of golf is a great character builder. Since it can be frustrating at times, you’ll have plenty of practice learning to control your temper and being a good sport.
  10. Golf is just downright fun. If there’s no other reason to play, do it in the name of having a good time.

If you need an excuse to play golf, you’re bound to find at least one in the ten reasons listed above. Otherwise, just go out to the course or driving range and have a fabulous blast.

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