10 Reasons To Recycle

Everyone should know 10 reasons to recycle. In the long run it's all about saving Mother Earth since she's been kind enough to share herself with so many. One way to give back to Earth is to recycle. 

  1. Wasteful Energy.  More energy is used to produce items for the first time than when using a recycled item.
  2. Litter.  Littering is not a good thing and in most states it's illegal. Most of all litter contributes to a poor environment on both land and sea, it just makes beautiful cities look ugly. Just don't do it.
  3. Landfill Space.  Between methane gases and pollutants, non-recycled items can contribute to overflowing landfill waste by capacity.
  4. Pollution.  Pollutants that escape into water, soil and even air can become a troublesome obstacle when the goal is to live in a healthy environment.  Do the environment good, give a hoot and don't pollute.
  5. Going Green.  It's not all about making money when going green, but more about saving money in a green environment.  Recycling can put cash in the pocket but when a person can use recycled or non-recycled energy efficient items it really pays off.  However, recycling items can make a person feel good inside knowing that they did the noble thing. 
  6. Example.  Leading by example is a great reason to recycle.  Tree huggers, Earth lovers and those who believe in setting a positive example takes recycling.
  7. Reusing.  There's nothing like recycled merchandise.  Again, it costs more money to create an item fresh from scratch, but less money and energy to recreate an item.  Recycled items are used to recreate.
  8. Environment.  Recycling benefits the environment, it's a known fact.  The less trash and waste leads to a cleaner environment. 
  9. Future Generations.  Future generations are counting on smart choices which includes recycling.  Recycle now and give future generations to come something to look forward to when it comes to their environment.
  10. Job Growth.  Rome wasn't built in one day, but with the right amount of contributors Rome could have been.  When people recycle recycling centers are in business resulting in employment for many.  Job growth in employment is always a good thing, especially through a good cause such as recycling.  This concludes the top 10 reasons to recycle.
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