10 Reggae 2008 Hits

Reggae has long grown into a popular music genre and so it is no surprise to find some well known songs among the top 10 reggae 2008 hits. Since Reggae music evolved from Rocksteady into its own genre in the 1960's, it has taken off from its original Jamaican home and spread around the world.

  1. "The Mission" by Stephen Marley & Damien Marley. This song by two of Bob Marley's ten children has been around a while but it was re-released in 2008 and became a hit again. It shows the social consciousness of the second generation of Marleys with its expression of the problems of life in Jamaica.
  2. "Wine Gyal" by Beenie Man. Anthony Moses Davis, better known as Beenie Man, is a Grammy award winner. This reggae hit is a highly danceable tune with an accompanying video showing a night club scene containing only dancing women and his band. During the course of the video he shows why he is called " King of the Dance Hall."
  3. "Blind To You" by Collie Buddz. This song was released in 2007 but became a dance hall reggae hit in 2008. Collie Buddz (Colin Harper) was born in New Orleans, raised in Bermuda and educated in Canada. Like many reggae songs, it is about the social problems of the day. 
  4. "Champion Sound" by Curtis Lynch. This single, released by UK Dee Jay and producer Curtis Lynch moved to number one in specialists charts in Europe and the U.S. The song features top Reggae artists YT, Million Stylez, Mr Williams, Blackout JA, Iverse and Jan Knight.
  5. "Kingston Town" by Alberosie. A strong dance beat and enchanting sound can't mask the harshness of the lyrics as Alberosie tells of the social problems of his overcrowded, impoverished hometown. The song is accompanied by a must-see video that makes it one of the top ten reggae hits of 2008.
  6. "Warrior Love" by Etana. This song is also from Jamaica but its slow, sensuous beat and lyrics make it a wonderful love song perfect for a slow dance. Etana is a Jamaican roots singer who strives to bring unity to her people through music. This hit will certainly unite everyone on the dance floor.
  7. "The Plane Land" by Richie Spice. This song is a complaint about the trouble that immigrants go through attempting to arrive in America by plane. "Search dem ah search dem ah search di Taliban." This reggae hit accurately describes the frustrations of most air travelers now.
  8. "Stronger" by Fantan Mojah. This positive song springs from the artist's religious Rastifarian beliefs. It is the only song on the list that isn't primarily a dance tune.
  9. "She Loves Me" by Serani. This tune was introduced in late 2007 and became a dance hall hit in 2008. This was a breakout year for the young singer from Salisbury, Maryland. He began as a music producer and in 2008 began singing and promoting his own songs. Both the lyrics and the video of "She Loves Me" are explicitly sexual.
  10. "Doh" by Serani featuring Bugle. Serani scored a second 2008 hit with this song in praise of money (dough). He actually had three hit singles in 2008. The third was "No Games".
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