10 Retro Style Fashion Tips

Here are 10 Retro Style fashion tips. Retro Style fashion tips are abundant, especially when you flip through any number of modern men’s magazines. Tidbits, recommended vendors and style highlights are commonly featured, as Retro Styles are always popular to some degree. Unlike Vintage items, which were created decades ago, Retro Style fashions are often new editions in throw-back patterns, textures and shapes; authentic Vintage Retro items are not as common, but are available. Everything from fashion, to décor, to music is available in Retro Style, but here is a list of 10 Retro Style Fashion Tips:

  1. Select Your Era. Retro Style Fashion items are often from the 50s, 60s or 70s. Naturally, these eras differ greatly in what was common and trendy, so selecting which decade to emphasize is important. Although you can have a general Retro Style collection, combining pieces from the different eras in the same ensemble can overwhelm the look.
  2. Combine Vintage and Modern Retro Pieces. Don’t be afraid to blend vintage pieces and brand new items, since a combination lends authenticity to your wardrobe. As long as you don’t overwhelm an individual outfit with too many elements of either type, both vintage and modern Retro Style fashion and accessories can help define your look.
  3. Include Both Retro Clothing and Accessories. Including both Retro Style clothing and various accessories, such as hats, shoes and jewelry, allows for more flexibility in your wardrobe. Don’t forget that hair styles, including cuts and beard shapes, can incorporate more Retro Style elements into your look.
  4. Seasonal Retro Style. One way to add more flexibility to your Retro Style fashion collection is by incorporating pieces for different seasons. A pair of swim trunks from the 60s, a 1950s-style tweed jacket or a polyester Leisure Suit straight out of a Disco hall. You could even limit yourself to Retro Style jackets, infusing your wardrobe with Retro elements through those vintage pieces alone.
  5. Vintage Brands. One way to pay homage to long-ago eras and past decades is by including old band T-shirts or garments with logos into your wardrobe. Even still-present companies, such as Coke, lend a Retro Style feel when the Vintage logo is used.
  6. Find The Right Vendor. This is especially important if you are looking for authentic, Vintage Retro Style items. Modern remakes are fairly popular in nationwide chains and online stores, but local Vintage shops or online auctions and marketplaces frequently have knock-off items. When in doubt, select a Vintage garment or accessory with the most reasonable price tag.
  7. Tips for 50s Retro Style. The popularity of pink garments for men in the 1950s is still popular today, as are leather jackets and wool dinner jackets. While this can reduce their Retro Style value, it makes such items much easier to obtain.
  8. Tips for 60s Retro Style. Similarities between male and female wardrobes was very common in the 60s, which includes neutral colors and cross-over hues between men and women’s fashions. Psychedelic and Hippie patterns are paramount, which are commonly seen in Retro style shirts and ties.
  9. Tips for 70s Retro Style. Emphasis on the 1970s Retro Style fashion can include Disco or western shirts, leisure suits and butterfly collar, button-down shirts. Bell bottoms and polyester pants are 70s staples, and are readily available in both Vintage shops and as modern remakes. Platform shoes for both men and women are commonly included, and a vintage 70s tux can be a fun piece of your wardrobe.
  10. Express Yourself. Above all else, select Retro Style fashion and accessories which appeal to you personally. Many Vintage pieces can be uncomfortable, or made of unusual fabrics and designs which are difficult to adjust to. Modern remakes are often easier to wear, though lack the authenticity. If you choose fashion or function, make sure the garment is something you enjoy!
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