10 Rhythmic Gymnastic Training Tips

Looking for 10 rhythmic gymnastics training tips? In the world of gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics is both an art and a sport. This rewarding sport combines dance, movement, and gymnastics into one package. While artistic gymnastics focuses on tumbling and speed, rhythmic gymnastics is much like ballet and gymnastics combined. To learn what 10 great rhythmic gymnastics tips and techniques are, continue reading. 

  1. Become flexible. Flexibility is completely essential in rhythmic gymnastics, plain and simple. You will be moving and bending the body into positions that are not ordinary for the average person, and your body will need to be conditioned for this. Practice bending and stretching the back, legs, arms, and the rest of the body. Do everything you can to gain more and more flexibility into your body. 
  2. Yoga, ballet, and modern dance. Participating in yoga is great training for gymnastics, as you will be stretching and flexing the parts you use in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Ballet and modern dance are also excellent training, as rhythmic gymnastics is a type of dance in addition to gymnastics. To be a successful gymnast, you need flexibility, strength, fluidity, and grace, which ballet and dance help you work on.
  3. Walkovers. Learning to do back walkovers and other exercises that help condition and flex your back are excellent for rhythmic gymnastics. In this sport, your back will be put under tremendous strain, and you will want to be prepared for it. You can seriously injure yourself or pull a muscle if you attempt to move in ways you are not conditioned to do, so the proper flexibility is key.
  4. Handstands. Doing handstands are one of the most basic techniques you will be using in this sport. Learn to walk and stay straight while balancing on only your hands, and practice this technique often. Mastering the perfect handstand will likely take some time, but with the proper training, it can be done in a short period of time.
  5. Splits. All rhythmic gymnasts will need to learn to do the leg splits. Flexibility in your legs and muscles is one of the most important parts of rhythmic gymnastics, and you will need to be able to perform the splits on a regular basis. Practice doing the splits as often as you can, in addition to other flexibility exercises. 
  6. Weight training and strength. To be a rhythmic gymnast, strength is also an essential part of the package. Lifting weights and working your arm muscles is great training, as well as lifting weights with the legs. As time goes on, add more and more weight to your training and push yourself to your limits. It will definitely pay off when you go to perform as a gymnast. 
  7. Pull ups. Pulling your entire body up using a bar and performing pull ups regularly is a great way to increase bodily strength and endurance. This type of exercise will require a lot of arm strength, but as a rhythmic gymnast, you need all the strength and stamina you can get. 
  8. Artistic gymnastics. Although rhythmic and artistic gymnastics are very different in many ways, they both require a great deal of flexibility, bodily movement, and strength. Training in artistic gymnastics will benefit you in rhythmic gymnastics and can help you work on techniques such as bending the body and increasing strength. 
  9. Handle ribbons, hoops, and balls. In rhythmic gymnastics, you will often use hoops, ribbons, and balls while you dance and move. Knowing how to balance these items and work with them while you perform is key. Practice all your dance routines with the tools you will be using, and learn to incorporate these things into your workouts as much as possible. 
  10. Rest your body. It is never a good idea to overwork yourself, no matter how much you want to keep going and push yourself to the limits. You can seriously injure yourself or exhaust your body if you do not take breaks and let your body recuperate from the strenuous exercise associated with gymnastics. Remember to regularly take breaks and relax the body every now and again. You will thank yourself later for it. 
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