10 Richest American Musicians

We all envy them, but few of us are them, they are the 10 richest American musicians. From time immemorial (after all, there was nothing before America!), American musicians have been raking in the dough from world record sales, tours, and enterprises. Who tops the list of richest American musicians, though? Well, you'll just have to read on to find out.

  1. Madonna. An icon, not only among American musicians, but western culture in general, Madonna seriously rocks. Born in 1958, she has clung quite well to her fame. There is no doubt in our minds that she makes anything less than that $110,000,000 figure put out there.
  2. Prince. Since we can't really put his actual "symbol" up here, we'll have to deal with Prince's former name. Forbes has purported that his most recent year hit around a $49.7 million income. Prince's actual net worth, however, is much, much more numerous.
  3. The Eagles. Forbes has shown us a $45 million royalty for these legends as of this year. The Eagles have raked in all-together too much to count, however, so it is important to know that their income still flows in to this day from their former mainstream successes.
  4. Metallica. The kings of rock have only put their 2005 earnings as the latest figures to count them by. Nonetheless, $37,400,000 isn't anything to frown upon, at all my dear friends. Keep it rockin'!
  5. P Diddy. Sean Combs is Bad Boy's featured producer, executive, and all-around notorious pimp. $36 million flows into his pockets on an average year, and we can't help but say we truly are jealous.
  6. Bette Midler. No one might think this former comedian/singer was able to rake in $31 million every year, even since her fall from the mainstream. Yet, this senior citizen is anything but "old", at least in the monetary sense: her money is alive and well!
  7. Van Halen. The biggest act of the 80's (and to an extent, the 90's), these American musicians recently made a faithful comeback tour for its fans. With $29.6 million big ones flying into their hands from royalties, why would they even bother leaving the house?
  8. Beyonce. She really is the "female version of a hustler"; in 2010, Jay-Z's wifey killed a massive $87 million for their larger-than-life fortune. Who needs money like that? Well, if you plan to one day top the richest American musicians chart, you'll be needing it.
  9. Bruce Springsteen. In recent years, Springsteen was able to garner $70,000,000 for himself. His mainstream success is, in many ways, a result of his "Born in The U.S.A." track, which garnered popular attention. Way to go 'Boss'!
  10. Coldplay. From their hits as American musicians in the late 90's, to their continued success as icons of music in the 2000's, Coldplay is revolutionary. You know what else is revolutionary? The fact that they donate a whopping 10% of their (approximately) $70 million annual income to charity. Noble, indeed, Chris Martin and co.

As you can see, not only are many American musicians very successful at what they do, they are extremely diverse. From Beyonce's east-coast hip hop to Coldplay's alternative rock and roll, the richest American musicians all have their own style. Still, that's why we love them. American musicians appeal to all sorts of people, and will continue to lead the United States to cultural, financial, and philanthropic prosperity in years to come.

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