10 Richest American Singers

The 10 richest American singers are earning money from more than just big record sales. Today's talented singers juggle many different businesses that generate millions of dollars yearly. Check out the list below to find out who the 10 richest American singers are.

  1. Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce's business empire includes endorsement deals with L'oreal and Nintendo, as well as her House of Dereon fashion line. She made $87 million over the last twelve months.
  2. Lady Gaga. The quirky Gaga rose to the top in the last 12 months. She teamed up with Viva Glam, Virgin mobile, Monster cable and Polaroid on marketing campaigns. On top of her record sales, she raked in an estimated $31 million from her tour which grossed $95 million.
  3. Britney Spears. Don't write her off just yet, her last tour grossed $130 million; the fifth highest in the world. Britney also has endorsement deals with Candies' and Elizabeth Arden. Her pay for the year; $64 million.
  4. U2. Their 2009 world tour brought in more than $311 million, coupled with their steady-selling back catalog, they are the highest earning band in the world. U2 got to split $130 million last year alone.
  5. Madonna. Madonna had the fourth highest grossing tour in 2009; $138 million. Fox's sitcom Glee featured cast members singing several of her hit songs and Madonna took millions to the bank from publishing royalties.
  6. Taylor Swift. She was the most played artist on the radio in 2009. Her 100 live dates over the last twelve months grossed $54 million. Miss Swift also has endorsement deals with Cover Girl and Sony.
  7. Miley Cyrus. Miley's 57 date tour averaged $1.2 million each performance. She also starred in the Hollywood film " The Last Song, " Miley also gets a share of the money from Disney shirts that have her image on them. The teenage Miley took $48 million to the bank from her work.
  8. Black Eyed Peas. The peas world tour brought in $800 thousand a night. Add in record sales and endorsement deals with big, well known companies and brands and the group got to share $48 million over the year. 
  9. Bruce Springsteen. The Boss and the E Street Band's world tour grossed $167 million; the third highest in the world for the year. The Boss and the E Street Band have steady sales of  back-list recordings that helped them earn $70 million over the year.
  10. Pink. Pink is a big hit overseas, her 133 date tour grossed more money than Beyonce's, and Pink only performed at a handful of dates in the US. Pink made $44 million dollars over the year.
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