10 Richest Rappers In 2008

Rappers love to flaunt their cash, and these ten richest rappers in 2008 have the most cash to show off. Their rap records, singles, royalties, tours, and other deals have put them at the top of the rap game and money stack in 2008.

  1. 50-Cent (Curtis Jackson), $150 million.
    Although he didn't release an album in 2008, 50-cent tops the list of richest rappers in 2008 with a whopping $150 million. His G-Unit clothing line and record label, as well as appearances in films and video games, helped him top the charts in 2008.
  2. Jay-Z (Shawn Carter), $82 million.
    In 2008 Jay-Z released the monster album "American Gangster" and signed a $150 million, ten year contract with promoter Live Nation. His business ventures, including his stake in the New Jersey Nets and advertising deals with Dell and Budweiser added to his massive wealth, but couldn't bring him to the top spot for 2008.
  3. Sean Combs, $35 million.
     Sean "Diddy" Combs may be out of the rap game, but in 2008 he still came in near the top of the list of richest rappers. Royalties, the acquisition of the Enyce clothing brand, and as well as his 50-50 share in Ciroc vodka earned him a cool $35 million in 2008.
  4. Kanye West, $30 million.
     Kanye released his fourth album titled "808s & Heartbreak" in 2008 and kicked off his famous Glow In The Dark Tour. These events, along with his appearances at the Bonnaroo Music Festival and Lollapalooza, brought him the fourth spot on the list of richest rappers in 2008.
  5. Timbaland (Timothy Mosley), $22 million.    Timbaland, the grammy-winning record producer, rapper, and singer lands in the middle of the pack for 2008. This year saw Timbaland as the producer on roughly twenty-three albums, giving him his huge salary of nearly the same amount (multiplied by a million).
  6. Pharrell Williams, $20 million.
    The multitalented  Pharrell Williams is a producer, rapper, musician, and fashion designer. It's no wonder how he made it to the number six spot with his various activities all helping to boost his income. His talents as a musician and fashion designer for Billionaire Boys Club certainly drew in the cash in 2008.
  7. Swizz Beatz (Kasseem Dean), $17 million.
     Record producer, DJ, and rapper Swizz Beatz came in at number nine in 2008. He scored this spot from his producing talents, royalties, and by appearing in ads for GAP.
  8. Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus), $16 million.
     Snoop Dogg continues to show off his pimp status by claiming the eighth spot on the list of richest rappers in 2008. What helped him earn so much cash in 2008? The release of his ninth album entitled "Ego Trippin'" which came out in March of 2008 and his reality show "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood."
  9. Dr. Dre (Andre Young), $15 million.
     Although Dr. Dre mostly sticks to producing rap beats now, he continues to bring in insane amounts of cash. He earned most of his cash in 2008 from producing and royalties.
  10. Ludacris (Christopher Briges), $14 million.
     Ludacris, known as "The Mouth Of The South", has consistently produced platinum rap albums, and has even made appearances in movies and television. In 2008 he released "Theater Of The Mind" and starred in the films "RocknRolla" and "Max Payne." These three projects all helped Ludacris reach the number ten spot on the list of richest rappers in 2008.


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