10 Richest Rock Singers

Think it’s easy to become one of the ten richest rock singers in the world? Sure, if you are Slash or Robert Plant, then maybe you should be raking in a rocking salary, especially if you are known for trashing instruments and hotel rooms. In no particular order, we list the ten richest rock singers of the past and present.

  1. Bono: According to Billboard’s latest Money Makers list, U2's Bono earned more than $155 million just last year. The 360 Degrees tour was instrumental in launching him into the top ten richest rock singers the world has ever known. “The Joshua Tree” album elevated him from a star to iconic superstar, and he's not finished with us yet.  
  2. Mick Jagger:The “Stones,” featuring Mick Jagger, earned almost $100 million last year, in addition to making the most money in live touring history. With such songs as “Paint it Black,” “Satisfaction” and “Wild Horses,” it cannot be denied that this powerhouse of rock will never leave the building. Moreover, why should he? His music is as relevant today as it was when he started back in the 1960's.
  3. Don Henley:Lead singer of The Eagles, this superstar has an unbelievable $250 million, and worth every penny. Henley’s songs are soul-stirring, well-recorded and tasteful, and they all have a point: whether it's love, melancholia, nostalgia or even anger, it's always perfectly expressed. His prolific music is timeless.
  4. Paul McCartney:In the last year, this pioneer of rock made $60 million just off the Beatles’ royalties alone last year, and is easily a billionaire. Ever changing, ever evolving, Paul McCartney is rock and roll in its purist form. His music came at a time when the generations were shifting. People in the 60’s had the climate afforded us by our parents and WW2. We were naive and mostly protected, much like the Beatles. People saw "things" similarly, and really thought they could change the world. McCartney and the Beatles were innocent; so were we.
  5. Elton John:This demi-rock God is worth over $500 million (conservatively) and is unquestionably a singer/songwriter of the highest order. He still churns out hits that are as poignant and relevant today as they were 40 years ago. Flamboyant, wildly opinionated, and terrifically talented, Sir Elton spends millions on his pet project “Aids,” donating all the proceeds to the charity.
  6. Neil Diamond:Do the math. This mega-rich rocker makes roughly $330 million per year off media appearances and royalties from solid gold hits such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin’ Rose.” Men do not get him, but even at 64, his “deep as a mine shaft” voice still turns women to mush. This rich rocker will never go out of style.
  7. Jimmy Buffett:Parrot heads unite! Just the mere mention of “Margaritaville” evokes memories to most people. This legendary richest rock singer is the equivalent of a 1970's teenage panty-dropper, which is why it’s no surprise that his liquid net worth is over $75 million. When on stage, Jimmy doesn’t scream to get noticed, he is just in a “state of being.”
  8. Rod Stewart:This billionaire epitomizes what a true rock singer is. At almost 70 years old, Stewart is still “forever young.” Since his emergence with The Jeff Beck Group, then with the band Faces, he continues to dominate rock music charts. He had 62 British hit singles and twelve in the USA. He was a driving influential force on up and coming bands of his time. Rarely does this rock genius get his props, but his music talks for him.
  9. Dave Matthews:At over $40 million in net worth, Matthews is one of those artists that are hugely popular, yet not much is ever said about him. He just quietly goes about breaking records as one of the hardest touring bands out there, writing hit songs and winning humanitarian awards for the endless relief shows that he does.
  10. Bruce Springsteen:This enormously rich, yet humble musician never quits; hopefully, he never will. The “boss” is a native New Jersey cat that tours constantly and has been known to perform for over five hours. His gravely voice, songwriting ability and relatable heartland lyrics firmly land him in the top ten richest rock singers of all time.




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