10 Rock Covers Of Rap Songs

Most of the 10 rock covers of rap songs deliver an ironic take on their source material. Almost all are more on the folk or ballad end of the spectrum, but, there are a couple of harder rock covers in there, as well. If you are looking for something a little bit different from the usual delivery, check out these 10 rock covers of rap songs:

  1. "Gin N Juice" (original by Snoop Dog) The Berlin Project When you are making a list of rock covers of rap songs, you wind up listening to a lot of covers of both "Baby Got Back" and "Gin N Juice." The Berlin Project had one of the more unusual takes, and it's quite listenable on its own merits.
  2. "Ice, Ice, Baby" (original by Vanilla Ice) Richard Cheese Hey, we never said this was a list of rock covers of rap songs that only included good rap. Richard Cheese brings the lounge sound to this cheesy white rapper's single hit.
  3. "B#tches Ain't Sh#t"(original by Dr. Dre) Ben Folds Five Be sure to also check out the video for this folk rock cover of a rap song. The funniest image is perhaps the band member on a C-SPAN-like TV broadcast with the words "Standing by his claim that his b#tch's p#ssy is da bomb, although his homies say otherwise" on the news ticker below.
  4. "Boyz in the Hood" (original by NWA) Dynamite Hack Dynamite Hack's folky rendition of "Boyz in the Hood" is the one that inspired many other rock covers of rap songs.
  5. "Golddigger" (original by Kanye West) Shoot for Tuesday This band has made a career out of emo rock covers of rap songs.
  6. "My Humps" (original by The Black-eyed Peas) Alanis Morrisette Morrisette is never afraid to earnestly ask the really big questions like "What are you going to do with all that ass, all that ass inside them jeans?"
  7. "Baby Got Back" Jonathan Coulton This ode to double-sized derrieres gets an upbeat folk treatment that includes banjos and pretty vocal harmonies from John Coulton.
  8. "Mama Said Knock You Out" (original by LL Cool J) Lagwagon This one rocks harder than pretty much any other entry on this list.
  9. "Back That Ass Up" (original by Juvenile) My Gay Uncle This hardcore punk rock cover of rap dance song "Back That Ass Up" sounds like it'd be a blast to dance to in the pit at a live show.
  10. "Christmas in Hollis Allston" (original by Run DMC) Big D and the Kids Table The universe might collapse on itself through the compounded irony of this ironic indie rock cover of an already ironic rap Christmas song.
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