10 Rock Songs About Childhood

These 10 rock songs about childhood range from driving tunes of anger to sweet memorials to days gone by. Each song tells the listener a story of youth and the loss of it. Some of these hits are real tear jerkers, so have a tissue ready before turning up the volume.

  1. "Photograph" – Nickelback. This sweet memory song tops the list of rock songs about childhood. The Canadian band tells the story of going through a box of photographs and remembering the crazy days of youth reflected in each.
  2. "Wonderful Now" – Everclear. This song about divorce makes the list of rock songs about childhood. The tune tells the tale of a young boy whose mother moves him to a new neighborhood after a divorce and the trauma he goes through.
  3. "Will I Grow Up to Be a Man" – The Beach Boys. Singer Mike Love tells of the questions boys have while they become men.
  4. "Crocodile Rock' – Elton John. An upbeat addition to the list of rock songs about childhood, "Crocodile Rock" recalls the time in a young man's life "when rock was young." The song is the story of a boy and his girlfriend growing up in an age when music and life were new.
  5. "Young Boy"- Paul McCartney. This song of young boy trying to find the right girl makes the list of rock songs about childhood. The tune reflects what Sir Paul say his young son went through when girls first came into focus in his world.
  6. "Glory Days" – Bruce Springsteen. This tune about sharing memories recounts the glory days of high school and young love are discussed.
  7. "Forever Young" – Bob Dylan. This reflective song of a father and son tells the story of a young boy's childhood. As the boy grows, the father offers him advice and wishes him all the best.
  8. "Jack and Diane" – John Mellencamp. A hit from the 1980's, this tune tells the story of two youngsters experiencing childhood love for the first time.
  9. "Cats in the Cradle"- Harry Chapin. This tearful recounts missing out on the important parts of a child's life.
  10. "We're Going to be Friends" – The White Stripes. This modern rock tune rounds out the list of rock songs about childhood. The song recounts making friends at school and learning to read and write.
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