10 Rock Songs About Children

Children have been part of rock since its earlier days, as both a social and personal issue; here are 10 rock songs about children. Rock songs about children have been some of the chart topping songs of their day, such as Pearl Jam's "Jeremy". On to the list, children, and rock.

  1. "Stay Up Late," The Talking Heads – Known for their New Wave sound, The Talking Heads released the album "Little Creatures" in 1985. "Stay Up Late" reflects the narrator's fascination with the new baby in the house; while on the surface the lyrics reflect thoughts on how adorable the baby is, it also seems that the baby is looked at as more of a plaything than a person.
  2. "Sarah," Thin Lizzy – A song about lead singer Phil Lynott's newborn daughter, "Sarah" expressed the hope and wonder that her birth made Lynott feel and the ways he expected her birth to change his world. Unfortunately, Lynott died seven years later due to complications from his ongoing drug addiction.
  3. "Eyes of a Child," The Moody Blues – The 1969 song "Eyes of a Child" was released in two parts on the album, and details the newness and hope of the world as viewed through the eyes of children and spacetravel, a common theme of rock songs of the time.
  4. "Sail to the Moon," Radiohead – Written by front man Thom Yorke after the birth of his son Noah, it tells his son that there is no limit to what he can do one day. Although Yorke had previously made fun of other singers for writing songs about their kids, it didn't stop Yorke when he had one of his own. 
  5. "Beautiful Boy(Darling Boy)," John Lennon – Lennon wrote this song for his second son, Sean. As the song starts, he is comforting his son from a nightmare and throughout the course of the song to tell Sean how much joy and love he has brought him.
  6. "Daughter," Pearl Jam – The 1993 single by Pearl Jam follows a girl with learning difficulties as she struggles to learn and please her mother. Eddie Vedder wrote the lyrics to the song because he felt attention needed to be brought to the difficult lives some children with learning difficulties faced. Pearl Jam, as an influential band of their time, used their rock songs to highlight issues like these.
  7. "Blessed," Elton John – Written by John's songwriter Bernie Taupin, the song talks about a not yet born child. It expresses the hope that he will have a child before he is too old to enjoy its youth.
  8. "Forever Young," Bob Dylan – Part of his 1974 album "Planet Waves,"  Dylan wrote this song after an eight year touring hiatus. Dylan had become a father while not on the road, and he felt that the subject matter would reflect with his fans.
  9. "Jeremy," Pearl Jam – One of the biggest rock songs of the 90's, Eddie Vedder wrote this song about two true stories—a boy who killed himself in front of his class. Vedder felt that youth with problems didn't receive notice from the media, and composed the song to make up for that.
  10. "Enter Sandman," Metallica – A dark psuedo-lullabye, "Enter Sandman" riffs on traditional lullabies by twisting them in the dreams of a small boy. As the boy goes through a nightmare landscape, lyrics of different lullabies pop up as a way of distracting the boy from what is happening around him.
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