10 Rock Songs About Love

The list of 10 rock songs about love that you should listen to includes some old hits and new favorites. Rock music has always had a soft side, and when the power ballad was king there were some great songs released. So take a look at the list of 10 rock songs about love and get ready to add some music to your collection.

  1. "Is This Love" (1987) – David Coverdale / John Sykes. This rock power ballad helped introduce Whitesnake to a whole new audience. The song is accompanied by one of the most popular music videos of all time starring model Tawny Kitaen.
  2. "Still Loving You" (1984) – Klaus Meine / Rudolph Schenker. The Scorpions ruled the 1980's, and one of their most popular songs was the hit "Still Loving You" (1984). The lyrics talk about a man who has lost the love of his life and just cannot let her go. The emotion in the song makes it one of the 10 rock songs about love you have to hear.
  3. "I Remember You" (1989) – Rachel Bolan / Dave Sabo. It is hard to believe that hard rockers Skid Row could find their way on to a list of the 10 rock songs about love that you have to hear, but they do. This sad lyrics in this song that speak about losing the love of your life and having your life fall apart are enhanced by Sebastian Bach's strong vocal performance.
  4. "Love In An Elevator" (1989) – Steven Tyler / Joe Perry. When Aerosmith made their comeback in 1989, they rode the popularity of one of the top 10 rock songs about love ever written. This song captures all of the fun, and risque, aspects of love that rock music is famous for.
  5. "I'll Be There For You" (1988) – Jon Bon Jovi / Richie Sambora. Bon Jovi's hit album "New Jersey" (1988) had several hits on it, and one was the power ballad "I'll Be There For You" (1988). It was the chance for Jon Bon Jovi to sing a love song to his millions of female fans, and it worked very well.
  6. "Angie" (1973) – Mick Jagger / Keith Richards. This classic Rolling Stones love ballad became a member of the list of the best 10 rock songs about love as soon as it was released. Mick Jagger's vocals are almost pleading as he sings about his failed love.
  7. "I'll Never Let You Go" (1991) – Miljenko Matijevic. This is one of the most powerful rock ballads ever written, and much of that is because of the vocal range of Miljenko Matijevic. The song was released by the band Steelheart and instantly became a classic worthy of being called one of the best 10 rock songs about love ever recorded.
  8. "Whole Lotta Rosie" (1977) – Angus Young / Malcolm Young / Bon Scott. This is a playful song about the love for bigger women, and AC/DC delivers a powerful punch behind Bon Scott's vocals. It is one of the most recognizable songs in rock music, and belongs on the list of the best 10 rock songs about love ever written.
  9. "Sweet Child o' Mine" (1988) – Axl Rose / Slash / Izzy Stradlin. Guns 'N Roses stormed on to the scene with their hit album "Appetite for Destruction" (1988), and among the hard rock tunes about drugs and prostitutes is a sweet ballad that Axl Rose wrote about his then girlfriend. It wound up being the band's only number one hit in the United States.
  10. "Heaven" (1989) – Jani Lane. Warrant was not known for power ballads, but the one they did release is one of the best 10 rock songs about love ever recorded. It is a simple song about feeling at home when your true love is around.
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