10 Rock Songs About Suicide

These ten rock songs are all about suicide. Many people find these songs morbid, and some think they promote unnecessary suicides. They are all rock songs, many are metal. Some are older; while some are a little more recent. They all speak clearly about suicide.

  1. “Like Suicide,” by Sound Garden. This rock song about suicide speaks of a man who is talking of committing suicide by way of bullet. The words in this song say, “Bit down on the bullet now, I had a taste so sour, I had to think of something sweet.”
  2. “Fade to Black,” by Metallica. This rock song by Metallica speaks clearly about suicide. The lyrics contain the lines, “I’ve lost the will to live, simply nothing more to give.” Suicidal victims often feel this way. When they have nothing to offer the world, they feel it would be a better place without them.
  3. “Jeremy,” by Pearl Jam. This song was inspired by a true event. A fifteen year old boy shot himself in his classroom in front of his classmates. Pearl Jam sings this song about a suicide of a young hopeless boy who felt very alone.
  4. “Suicide Solution,” by Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne received lawsuits over thing song after a person committed suicide after listening to it. The case was dismissed. The lyrics in this song say, “Where to hide, suicide is the only way out.”
  5. “Suicidal Dreams,” by Silverchair. This is one of the most popular rock songs about suicide. The lyrics talk about suicide by hanging with the words, “The rope is here, now I’ll find a use. I’ll kill myself, I’ll put my head in a noose.
  6. “Numb,” by Linkin Park. “Numb,” is a song about feeling numb to the world. It talks about a girl who feels alone and has no one to turn to. She is numb to everything because of the pressures of this world.
  7. “The End,” by The Doors. This dark song by the Doors talks about suicide. The lyrics say, “This is the end beautiful friend, this is the end my only friend.”
  8. “Everybody Hurts,” by REM. This song is speaking to those who are contemplating suicide. The lyrics in this song tell people to keep holding on, that they’re not alone and everybody hurts at times.
  9. “Hold On,” by Good Charlotte. “This world is cold, the pain you cannot bear,” are some of the lyrics of this song. Suicidal people feel so much pain and they feel the only way out is suicide.
  10. “Last Resort,” by Papa Roach. Papa Roach sings this song about someone contemplating suicide. It’s about a person who feels like they’re losing their sight and mind and the lyrics state, “I’ve reached by last resort.”
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