10 Romantic Acoustic Songs

The top 10 romantic acoustic songs can be songs written for the acoustic guitar, or songs that you can play on the acoustic guitar to set the mood. Music is a powerful way to seduce the woman you love. When you know the top romantic acoustic guitar songs, you are already on your way to an eventful evening.

  1. "Greensleeves" (1580) – English Folk Song. The power of "Greensleeves" (1580) as one of the top romantic acoustic songs is well known, but why it remains a romantic favorite is unclear. It could be the exotic allure of a medieval love song, or it could be the captivating melody. Either way, this one on the acoustic guitar is extremely effective with the ladies.
  2. "You Are So Beautiful" (1974) – Billy Preston / Bruce Fisher / Dennis Wilson. Even if you cannot sing, this is one of the top romantic acoustic songs you can play. Just learn the chords and do your best with the melody and you will get some excellent results. You may want to listen to the Joe Cocker version to get the proper emotion in your singing.
  3. "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" (1964) – Phil Spector / Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil. This is another song on the list of top romantic songs that remains a sort of a mystery. Part of the appeal of the song to ladies is the way that Tom Cruise sang it to Kelly McGillis in the movie "Top Gun" (1986). Ever since then it just makes the ladies swoon.
  4. "Wonderful Tonight" (1977) – Eric Clapton. You do not have to play like Eric Clapton to be effective with "Wonderful Tonight" (1977), you just need to know the chords. This is a timeless love song that works as one of the top romantic acoustic songs for any guy with a guitar and a voice.
  5. "I Honestly Love You" (1974) – Jeff Barry / Peter Allen. This was an international hit for Olivia Newton-John, but it works for any guy or girl with an acoustic guitar. The key to making this song really romantic is to slow down towards the end and sing those last few words with real feeling.
  6. "Sandy" (1978) – Jim Jacobs / Warren Casey. This song was sung by John Travolta in the movie "Grease" (1978). This was not one of the big hits from the "Grease" (1978) soundtrack, but if your girl has a name that sounds remotely like the name Sandy then this song is a romantic hit.
  7. "Love Of My Life" (1975) – Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury and Queen wrote and recorded this song on a piano. But guitarist Brian May has done an acoustic version of this song for years that is definitely one of the top romantic acoustic songs ever played.
  8. "You Light Up My Life" (1977) – Joe Brooks. This song can mean anything you want it to, but when you pull out an acoustic guitar and play it to the one you love it becomes a very effective love song. This was a huge hit for Debby Boone in the 1970's and it can be a very persuasive romantic song on the acoustic guitar.
  9. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" (1988) – Bret Michaels. The lyrics in this song speak more to a bad romantic experience than a good one. But the rock band Poison and singer Bret Michaels have helped to make this a very popular romantic acoustic guitar song.
  10. "Yesterday" (1965) – John Lennon / Paul McCartney. If you practice this song and get anywhere near the soulful and emotional delivery that the Beatles had, then this is a very effective romantic song. The best part is that you do not need to be Paul McCartney to make this one work.
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